Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The pecan pies are made. Two of them. My dad's special recipe.
There's a big turkey in our oven. Twenty pounds of Thanksgiving glory cooking away in our Manhattan kitchen.
I made a burlap bunting and found the perfect spice-colored tapers for my candlesticks.
Today is our Thanksgiving.
Justin is the keeper of the turkey and since all the bird needs now is just a bit of time, J slipped away to the gym, undoubtedly anticipating the feast that is to come.
Tonight, friends old and new will gather.
It's going to be a grand time with a fullness to it that is hard to mark with words.
Rather, it will be sidelong glances and familiar laughter and warm embraces.
But for now these walls are quiet and almost hallowed and I am grateful for a window to steal away to this old stomping ground of mine if but for a moment.
Justin and I have more than what we need and so much of what we want.
Moreover, our lives are rich with people, some near and some far, whom we love.
Real people with real dreams and real hurts and real fears and real hopes.
People who mean more than anything new and shiny ever could.

J just returned from the gym which means I'll stop here for now and join him in the kitchen.
It also means my walls are not so silent anymore. Oh that man of mine! How especially glad he makes my heart.

This is my thanks giving.