Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wait, I have a blog?

You guys! The Rigolosos are alive!
I woke up this morning and thought, I haven't blogged in a month of Sundays.
We've been a busy pair, my man and me.

Our friends in Nashville own an awesome company called Rail Yard Studios.
They make one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture from salvaged + rescued railroad material.

They were invited to the prestigious AD show in NYC and recruited us to join them.

The fellas

...and the ladies.
Erica stayed with us this past week and we became fast bffs over our shared love of coffee and boots.

Impeccable attention to detail around every corner at the show. More pics to come later.

Proof the men were working hard.  

Proof that Justin worked so hard, his pants split.

Celebrating a successful show.


In other news...

Spring came to New York City.

I, along with millions, saw the Hunger Games.
And I was not disappointed.

My friend Catherine just returned from The Netherlands and she brought some
special chocolates for the midnight premiere.

Justin is continuing to perfect his mad skills in the kitchen.
His first pizza, homemade dough + marinara, was slapsomebody good.
I'm so proud of him.

And last but certainly not least...
I got to meet Nessa of The Absurd Tales of Casa Braaflat.
She is a wife + mother, not to mention a total knockout.
Our coffee date was way too short, but long enough that I walked away thinking, that's the kind of mom I want to be.
If you know Nessa, you know she is funny and kind and beautiful.
And if you don't know her, you are missing out on one the most endearing women on the internet.


All right, friends.
I'll be back soon with more pretty pics from the AD show if you are into that kind of thing.
Happy Spring.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

it is well

Weekend getaways with friends are better than medicine.
Chilly, perfectly quiet, foggy mornings with hot cups of coffee.
Bright afternoon sunshine welcomed by laughter and birthday cake.
A swing that took you to the highest treetops simultaneously stealing your breath and making you scream.
A time to slow our hustling bustling selves and refocus on the things most important in this life.
I am so thankful for times like that. They refresh my mind, body and spirit.
All is well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

date nights

You will not come up short on entertainment in this fair city of ours.
Theatre, museums, cocktails, dinners.
And while we love those things, sometimes our dates look like this:
Reading in bed, content to just be near one another.
Other times, the siren call of Shake Shack beckons us and try saying no to that.
In case you are wondering, Justin recently finished the first book of The Hunger Games.
Subsequently, I purchased our tickets to the midnight premiere this Thursday.
I'm excited, I won't lie.
May the odds be ever in our favor and may Shake Shack live forever. Amen.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

friends (who take mirror pictures) are friends forever

Marks of a good friendship...

the old adage, you pick up where you left off

you discuss big things

you discuss little things

you talk furniture arrangement and color palettes

you talk politics and cocktail recipes

you talk red jackets that are fashion forward

you watch The Bachelor: The Final Rose and After the Final Rose
even when you haven't watched all season

you take the obligatory openmouth picture in the mirror

you are served wine for dinner and nothing else and you never once complain

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Coco Chanel

To the ever classy and fabulous Colleen, I am so glad you're my friend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

one less

Justin had a dentist appointment last week that ended with a bit of oral surgery on an ornery old wisdom tooth.
He handled it like a champ, riding home on the subway, ice pack held in place on his swollen cheek.
Thankfully, his dentist was a total rockstar, quite the opposite of the whack job dentist I walked out on several months back.
Something about dirty needles on the doctor's office floor spelled s h a d y to me.
But I digress.
We love our new dentist. He doesn't leave skeevy needles on the floor.
Once home, my sweet patient had one request.
I panicked a little.
If I were in my Southern home state, grits would be a total staple in our pantry, but in NYC?
Fat chance.
All I wanted was to make my man happy and all he wanted was grits and green gatorade.
So I set out for the market with a wish and a prayer and lo and behold, I found the tasty little grain.
Not the preferred brand, but I was in no position to be choosy.
J spent the rest of the weekend napping and enjoying his buttery grits and even managed one tweet whilst under the influence of pain meds.
He was certainly proud of himself for that. I confiscated his phone.
Lastly, I learned you'll only come close to swallowing gauze once, and you'll do anything to avoid it the next time.

Monday, March 12, 2012

i've got a feeling

Do you ever have that feeling where you just know it's going to be a good week?

Your floors are swept. Your dinner didn't burn. The birds are chirping.

In all fairness, I need to sweep my floors. I don't know what we're having for dinner.

But there are birds singing a song outside my open window right this very moment.

A small reminder that it's going to be a good week.

It's all in what I make of it, really.

And this week? I'm choosing to make it a good one.

Bonus points if I don't burn dinner.

Friday, March 9, 2012

blue-eyed lady

Sky blue is her signature color.

Her taste in jewelry, handbags and clutches is classic and spot-on to this day.

Her daylilies are award-winning, her yard always immaculate.

She was quite the competitive bowler in her day.
As a little girl, I'd stand and admire her many trophies, especially the ones taller than me.
Then I'd ask to take one home and she'd let me. Every time.

Today's her birthday and I so wish I could be home in Alabama celebrating her alongside the rest of my family.

She's a good lady, a beautiful lady and she's so very special to me.

Happy Birthday, Dranny, with all my love.

: : :

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a list at random

I went to a friend's apartment last night to help her make some decorating and organizing decisions. As my friend Ashley would say, it made my heart sing.

Justin has a dreaded dentist appointment this coming Friday morn. I shouldn't boast too much, my time is rapidly approaching.

One of the sweetest homecomings ever. Fair warning, it made me totally teary.

I am fine with Spring approaching, but I'd like the humidity to take it's precious time.

My hair is officially the longest it's ever been. There may be a haircut in my future. See the part about humidity above.

I now want a lemon tree. A Meyer lemon tree to be exact.

And I'd like to plant a garden.

Neon seems to be making an appearance again for the season. Will you embrace it? I'm undecided about neon, but mint is calling my name.

My 84-year-old Nana just had a total knee replacement. She is doing well and entertaining everyone around her. She watched Monday night's The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. Her review? Those women were pure silly. I couldn't agree more, Nana.

People make the decision to move to New York all the time. This is the coolest story yet.

That typewritter in the picture above? I think it needs to come live with me.

Peace out.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hi! + a story

Hi there blog friends!

I've missed you guys.

Around here, we've been turning our apartment into a home, scouring craigslist for an armoire,
hosting our community group and trying new recipes.

My man is quite the chef. Last week he had me going back for seconds on green beans.
That's nothing short of amazing... who ever goes for seconds on vegetables anyhow?

Maybe I can get him to share his green bean secret with you.

I'm going to leave you with a story I hadn't thought about in a long time until a friend recently reminded me of it.
It's a good one. I think you'll like it.

/ / /

Her name was Joyce.
She was easily the oldest enrolled student on our college campus.
Joyce stood just over 4 feet tall and she was a character.
Her 60+year-old self seemed ancient to my 19-year-old self.

We had World History with Dr. Taylor together.
She would come to history straight from her swimming class, grey curly hair still wet as could be.
When she wasn't still wearing it, Joyce would keep her swimsuit in a plastic bag tied to her backpack.
She referred to our professor and all professors as Teacher.
When the thugs in the back of the class were acting the fool,
Joyce would take it upon herself to stand up, Dr. Taylor mid-sentence about ancient Greece,
and address the young men directly,
Teacher is talking! You should listen to Teacher!

Everyone on campus, it seemed, had a Joyce story to tell.
She was nothing short of legendary.
When Justin and I got together and began sharing some of our favorite college memories,
I realized he had the best Joyce story of all.

There was a certain flight of stairs on campus that every student would inevitably travel
several times throughout the course of a day.
Justin and a buddy of his were walking up the stairs as Joyce was travelling down.
As they neared one another, Joyce stopped Justin, touched his arm and said,
How 'bout you and me get groovy with some swords on a bear skin rug?

It's pretty hard to knock Justin speechless, but I think that might've done it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

how we celebrated J's no. 32

Dude hangout time. I ordered 2 large pizzas with 3 different meat toppings, stocked the fridge with PBR and left the men to do whatever it is they do for a few hours.

When I came home, they were watching Dave Chappelle on YouTube.

Opened presents.

J's been quite the chef lately. Male-friendly cookbooks were a hit this year.

He's already put them to good use, too. Chicken and dumplings with vegetables. So very good.

We documented the day with pictures in the mirror. Bloggery chic at it's best.

Peanut butter nutella bars in lieu of a cake. Great decision. They might've made the birthday boy cuss.

I think that's a good sign.

That night, we went to our favorite comedy club.

When we came home, J requested I do cupcake hands and pretty feet a la Toddlers & Tiaras.

And because I will act a fool to make him laugh, I obliged.

It was his birthday, afterall.

His one birthday hint? Some good gin.

I found a manly looking double jigger and a cool cocktail book to compliment his wish.

I think J's 32nd year is off to a great start.

Cupcake hands and pretty feet as proof, I certainly love that man.