Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finding Fall


 baby Charlie and Justin, twins

 Charlie and his mama at bedtime
 scenes around the UWS
 a contemplative J / swinging in Central Park

 dusk, our favorite time of day
 days' end

first sign of the season

It's 6am when the motor cranks wide open, ear-piercing loud.
The construction on our building's exterior was scheduled to be finished August 1st. Right.
The past few weeks have seemed louder than the rest. Or maybe our tolerance has reached a low point.
Either way, we are choosing to look past scaffolding, past deafening drills to find Fall wherever we can.
So far we have found Fall...
Pet-sitting the most golden goldendoodle, Lucy, for our friends.
This was our first time walking a dog in our grand city. Let's just say it's not as easy as it looks.
Visiting a babyfriend born over the summer.
He found a fast friend and plaid twin in J.
Swinging in Central Park.
I wore one of my favorite Fall shirts in honor of the less oppressive temps.
And finally...
A cute little pumpkin made it's way into my basket at the store.
We are finding Fall.


  1. i quite love your fall shirt. and the swinging. one of my favorite pastimes. i hope the construction ends soon - even when my garbage truck comes by early in the morning once a week i get annoyed!

  2. You look so beautiful swinging in Central Park. I wish I could come swing with you. Sorry about the horrible noises around your apartment! I found some Fall in Pumpkin Pie Yogurt last week.

  3. i hope all the drilling stops soon--i have been there and know how annoying it can be.

    and i can't wait to brighten up my home with a pumpkin too.

  4. love to see all the pics of the city...also love your fall shirt. ;) happy fall, friend! jmg

  5. Love the shirt! Fall hasn't made its way to New Orleans just yet, but trying some of the pumpkin recipes on Pinterest has definitely put me in the mood despite 100 degree weather plus humidity:)

  6. Fall is so evident here in Kentucky! The trees are just beautiful and the temps have been sweatshirt and shorts kinda weather :)

  7. SWINGING!!! added to my to do list for this week. such a stress reliever. :)

  8. I love fall. I love you. :)
    You look so beautiful, Molly, as always.

  9. Love that picture of the city at dusk! That is also my favorite time of day. I am finding fall with pumpkins on our front porch and pumpkin spice coffee in my mug. The leaves are just beginning to change down here and it's beautiful.


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