Thursday, August 23, 2012

Down South │Visiting family & friends


Going to Alabama means visiting the place where roots run deep, hugs are more common than handshakes, and everyone is eager to hear if our Southern accents have taken a Northern brogue.
It means flowers in bloom and lamplight and lace curtains.
It's boiled peanuts and fried everything and Dad's homemade biscuits in a cast iron skillet older than me.
It's pear salad and deviled eggs and fresh cream corn.
It's wide open spaces and driving cars and sunsets that make me pause.
It's humidity that fogs my lens and Mama hemming my pants.
It's reunions at my collegiate stomping grounds and feeling like an official grown-up.
It's little girls watching with wide-eyed wonder the college girls they will all too quickly become.
It's playing iPad games with a favorite 3-year-old and melting when he tells the lady at the ice cream counter,
This is JUSTIN! as if J were Santa Claus himself.
It's late night decorating projects and laughing 'til I hurt.
It's early morning coffee dates and well-worn pajamas.
It's meeting the dearest of friends for margaritas and wishing the night would never end.
It's welcoming brand new life and hugging tightly the old.
It's grace and love and some of the most restful sleep.
The place where roots run deep.


  1. my mouth started watering & those pics w/ Justin are just so sweet...miss you.

  2. love all these photos! long live the south.

  3. I'm so glad it was so wonderful and that it's still home.

  4. Love it! Also a little jealous, but so glad you have a good vacation!

  5. Your Aunt Elsie!! And pear salad!! Does it get any better (or southern) than this?? Love your blog!

  6. That foggy lens photos is magic. As are your words.

  7. so beautiful & from the heart, as always.

  8. It was so wonderful having y'all over! Herreson loved it too. I thought I would never get to talk to you and j. He loves y'all so much, as do I.

  9. What fun pictures! Man, I wish we could have been in the travel plans!

  10. Will made the blog!! So sad i wasn't there.

  11. Love all the pictures, especially that breakfast spread. My fav! I so hate we didn't get to meet while you were here. NEXT TIME!!!

  12. I'm gonna be thinking about that breakfast all damn day.

    And that beautiful baby.

    Looks like such a great great time.


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