Monday, August 20, 2012

Down South │Visiting Elizabeth

Justin and I recently made a voyage down south to visit family and friends.
Part of our trip included a visit with Elizabeth, Mike and Everett.
You can read her tales here.

We were guests in their home & while I hope we were good ones, it felt more like we were family.
Justin stretched out on the sofa. Mike brought us a morning paper. We drank coffee and talked small town happenings.
Everyone took turns reading Everett his favorite book and watched him with swoony eyes because how can you not.
Everett also discovered the curls atop Justin's head and my heart swelled.
Check out this video.

I sat down with Elizabeth's sewing machine and I told her I felt like I was sitting down with another woman's husband.
She taught me how to put in a zipper, snapped her magic fingers and the cutest makeup bag you ever did see was born.

Justin lamented that his golf swing was choppy and the next thing you know, all the fellas were in the backyard with clubs chipping and pitching away. Priorities.

One of my favorite memories of our time together was helping Elizabeth in her classroom.
With desks arranged and her teacher's space cornered, the three of us- J, E and I- sat down and took it all in.
High school football players practiced in muggy heat that fell like a cloud around them.
Old wooden floors in the hallway begged to tell story after story of First Days of School and young teenage love and dreams for the future realized.

I sat in one of the students' desks and looked over at my beautiful friend- she really is beautiful, within and without- and had this thought...
These kids that skip run jump into her classroom this year?
They will meet more than a teacher.
They will meet a woman who has known heartache and pain and joy.
She will listen to them and they will be known by her.
She will encourage their strengths and they will feel strong.
She will be their champion and they will love her for it.

She will change their world. She definitely changed mine.


  1. Shivers all through my body. Through and through.

    This is so, so beautiful, Molly.

  2. this fall will be the first time in 6 years i am not starting a school year and your beautifully written post is making me miss it so much already. elizabeth's students are lucky to have her.

  3. what an amazing visit. you are so pretty molly. also you proved once and again that it is impossible to feed a baby with your mouth closed! that pic was my fav.

  4. Loved this.

    The can of root beer is more proof that you were at my house than anything else here ;)

  5. Great fun! I know exactly what you are making in that kitchen too! YUMMMM!
    love you and miss yoU!

  6. i'm so jealous! you have such a way with words - felt like i was transported back down south for a spell.

  7. those are some nice words, molly. i loved reading it and i'm glad you guys got some sweet time together. also, you're looking gorg in that last pic.

    and now i have to go check out everett discovering j's curls. i think i'm gonna like it.

  8. This is such a sweet post. So glad you had a nice visit and have such a great friendship!

  9. How cool! You brought back high school memories...the good ones. And I can tell Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher, mother, wife, and friend! ;) Love to you and yours! (PS-Hate I missed you on your visit down south...) jmg

  10. You two are so cute when you visit each other! :D The video was hilarious! Blogging is the best :D

  11. :) Good good stuff when friends make time to get together! I love it!

  12. I just saw her classroom on her blog, beautiful! Love those hardwood floors. Glad y'all had a good time.

  13. Goosebumps! Such beautiful writing about a brave remarkable woman!


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