Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sunset on the Hudson

It felt like we were all there for the same purpose: cold beer, good eats, and watching the sky paint shades of blue and peach as the sun faded beyond the Hudson.
We introduced our friend Leah to The Boat Basin, one of our favorite spots this time of year.
Leah is a fellow Southerner in the city like us.
There's a comfort that comes with people who understand your roots because they have similar ones themselves.
And here we are in this grand city, finding our way one day at a time.
We dreamed dreams together that night. Dreams of boats and sailing and acres of land in the mountains.
How could you look at a sky and a sunset like that and not dare to dream the biggest dream your heart could hold?


  1. Stunning. You are living my dream! I loved every second of my visits to NY and am desperately searching for jobs there so my husband and I can move to our "spiritual home". For now I'll live vicariously through you :)

  2. well this looks magical. i've never been and it looks life i definitely have to go!

  3. These photos are so beautiful. I especially like the one of J laughing. Classic and awesome. What a dreamy place to be.

  4. Whatever that salad-looking concoction is in the second photo it is making my tummy grumble.

    Fortunately, these photos are a feast for the eyes and are currently appeasing all real hunger!

  5. Ahhh that sunset is so peaceful looking!


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