Monday, July 23, 2012

on life lately

One night last week, I was literally hard and fast asleep on the couch by the time Wheel of Fortune came on. I have a vague memory of Justin leaning down to kiss me goodbye on his way to work. He seemed hazy & far away to my sleep heavy eyes. I tried to make out the numbers on the clock. Y'all, it was 7:40pm. For a moment, I felt very old and then I fell back asleep.

Life lately has been full and good. I taught a photography class to some kids in the south Bronx everyday last week. I loved watching them learn new words like composition and perspective and portfolio. They kept me on my toes, though. Now you know why I was rendered into deep slumber before primetime TV aired.

I know this is backtracking, but I'm going to do it anyway. We celebrated the fourth of July surrounded by friends, old and new, young and old(er). The day was hot as Hades, but we managed. We witnessed New York's grand firework display from the rooftop of one of Justin's coworkers. We also tried apple pie moonshine on that rooftop. It tasted less like gasoline and more like apple pie, was made in California,  and was not served out of an old boot, so I don't think it was legit. Either way, we watched the night sky light up and my heart was thankful.

Full and thankful. That's us lately.


  1. Here's to full and thankful summer days...and falling asleep by 7:30 p.m.

  2. here's to you being full and thankful and happy...BUT, i do miss your posts a lot.

    1. Thank you, MR. It's very nice to be missed.

  3. looks like the perfect 4th of July. And hooray for teaching photography...surely there is more to tell. :)

  4. Ha! Served out of an old boot. I love it.

  5. How cool that you taught those kids! I'm jealous of your NY experiences. Sometimes I feel boring and suburban...and I'm not even a mom yet. But, really, I'm excited. Grass is always greener.

  6. My husband loves apple pie moonshine! I refuse to try it. I drank moonshine one time in my life, lost my shoes in a mudhole and had to get a tetnus shot the next day! Not an experience I wanna repeat LOL!

  7. I would love to have witnessed your photography class ~ what an precious investment, Molly! I know the kids LOVED you!

  8. no wonder you taught these kids photography class - all of these pictures are amazing. loved seeing you tonight!

  9. Love all this Molly. Love that you are teaching those kids and love that you are enjoying your summer in NY.

    ALSO love how we had a friend dinner last night. SUPER LOVE THAT.

    And one more thing I love? You blogging on this blog. It's so nice to see you back-- I miss you when you're gone, but also completely understand that life takes us elsewhere sometimes-- so just keep doin' what you're doin'. I'll be here reading! :)

  10. full & thankful - I like that. That is how we've been feeling lately, I just wasn't able to put it in just two words.

  11. Old boot moonshine. Haha.

    How amazing the experiences you get to have in NYC. The fireworks show had to be amazing.

  12. I think falling asleep by 7:40PM is a sign of youth and a very full life! Old people have a very hard time sleeping soundly!


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