Monday, July 2, 2012

chef Ema & sous chef J

You may remember that Justin has a new found love of culinary arts.
His new hobby might've been born out of the fact that many of his favorite pastimes are illegal this side of the Mason Dixon.
Side eye hunting and target shooting.
Regardless, he has become quite the chef and I make no complaints.
Our friend Ema is a chef at a fancy nyc restaurant, so last week I scheduled a date for her to teach Justin some knife tricks.
We poured some wine, cranked up the tunes and camped out in our kitchen for a few hours.
I was happily at home behind the camera while the two of them chopped and diced and julienned.
We talked favorite chefs and least favorite and laughed when Justin claimed the chicken was too hot to chop.
I don't think he'll ever live that one down with Ema.
The three of us gathered around our table, homemade chicken pot pie and spicy green beans the fruit of their labor.
These hot summer days, I am thankful for good food to fill us and friendships that truly nourish our souls.

Food for the body is not enough.
There must be food for the soul.
Dorothy Day


  1. love this - how cool that j has someone to teach him all the cool stuff. and even better that you get to enjoy their efforts!

  2. I'm glad Justin has found a fun new hobby. I think sometimes chicken IS too hot to chop, but I guess you have to get tough fingers if you wanna be a chef. :)

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! Where are the pictures of the finished product? :)

    1. I realized shortly after we devoured our meal that I'd forgotten to take a picture of the finished product. I can tell you this: it was good. :)

  4. YUM!! Zanner is the cook around here. And I'm glad for it!

    Love good food and friendships. They keep me going and keep me thankful. :)

  5. luckyyyyy.

    A fancy chef in your house making you a meal? That needs to go on my bucket list.

    Also - Drew Jones made a bacon egg and cheese open face breakfast sammy today that blew my mind. Wish you were there.

  6. I'm so loving everything about this post. And now I want to make dinner with you guys.


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