Monday, July 30, 2012

brooklyn, brooklyn take me in

There are some days that you can't seem to shake.
You wake up on the wrong side of the bed and ache for the moment you can crawl back into it.
This was not one of those days.
Justin and our friend Leah and I spent a recent Saturday in Brooklyn.
Every cloud in the sky seemed perfectly painted in place.
I felt privy to special moments around every corner.
A man leaning out his apartment window to chat with his neighbor.
A father and son lunch date.
Girlfriends sauntering in and out of local shops.
Sticky hands catching every last sugary drop from a popsicle.

The banjo-playing man had quite the talent.
We stopped on the sidewalk and tapped our feet to his bluegrassy tunes.
A blue brick wall as bright as the day's sky caught my attention.
We were several steps passed it when I knew we had turn around.
I would regret it all day if we didn't go back.
I had to kiss my man in front of that sky blue wall and kiss him I did.
Brooklyn took us in and made us family.
It was a day I can't seem to shake.


  1. love your gingham top =) looks like a blissful weekend!

  2. I just want to live in this post. The words, the photos, oh my goodness gracious.

  3. i need, need to get to pies and thighs. and brooklyn has a habit of doing that, does it not?

  4. you're such a good writer. also I have a thing for shave ice.

  5. What a picture-perfect day! I'm glad you went back for the kiss.

  6. those first two pictures are awwwesome. i wanna jump in and hang out in the city for a day--or week, or month...

  7. Pies and Thighs baby.

    I feel like this post should have a soundtrack and it should be that song,

    "this has gotta be the good good life"

    You know what I'm talking about?

    Yeah. :)

  8. So glad you are blogging more Molly- miss your posts!

  9. no regrets. its nice when an amazing day just happens. and to not even expect it!

  10. great pics. did you use your iphone to take them?

  11. The post title reeled me in (i love that song!) and I wasn't dissapointed. Beautiful photos! I'm craving a new York trip now.

  12. I agree with Colleen! Brooklyn DOES have a habit of taking you in... whether for a day or a year or a lifetime...

  13. oh! this is my neighborhood, & still your pictures make me want to move there. thank you for sharing.


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