Tuesday, July 31, 2012

breaking bread

I've had this picture in my mind for a long time now.
A long, farmhouse-style table surrounded by ecletic chairs.
Colorful, collected mix of dishes.
Candles glowing, good music playing.
Friends gathering 'round our table to enjoy a meal, to talk and laugh, to share life together.

Currently, we have a square table we found on the side of the road.
It's a little less farmhouse and a bit more let's play poker.
The edge of the sofa doubled as a chair. I suppose you could call that ecletic.

As the candles glowed and the music played and friends gathered 'round, I realized a couple things.
Dreams are good.
The pictures we have in our minds can serve as great inspiration, but rarely ever are they completely perfect.
A few years ago I would have missed out on the beauty of what was happening right in front of me for checking off all the things that weren't perfectly matched up to the picture in my mind.

Thankfully, on this particular night, I stopped checking off that list.
I chose to be present.
To listen to the laughter of friends, to savor every bite of summer's fresh fruit, to find beauty in the imperfect.
Sometimes what happens right in front of you is even better than the picture in your mind if you'll let it be.

If people reach perfection they vanish, you know.
T.H. White, The Once and Future King


  1. My first thought when I looked at those photos: how perfect.

    Perfection is subjective, hm?

    Also, I love the quote.

  2. oh Molly! This is so wonderful, I'm so glad you are starting to see this come true :) I love it all.

  3. such wonderful pictures - they convey so much. dreams are a wonderful guide, they don't have to be a destination.

  4. Your table doesn't look like anything is missing. Beautiful! I'm glad you could enjoy the moment and what was that night.

  5. words to live by. inspiration at it's finest.

  6. Love these pictures! Looks like the perfect summer dinner party to me :) Glad you enjoyed the evening. Lots of love!

  7. oh my goodness. i needed to hear this! i am so obsessed at times with making every party or dinner perfect and those times i always feel a letdown because i forgot to be PRESENT, as you said. wise words molly b!

    1. Thanks so much, Kate. So much joy really can be had when we let go of perfection.

  8. Let's play poker.

    No really, let's play poker when you're here.

    1. I suck at poker.

      You should see my p-p-p-poker face.

  9. All of it is wonderful, but I am kind of in love with that quote at the end :)

  10. I am guilty of focusing on the things I want to change instead of soaking up the moment. I've really been trying not to do that since we've moved into our house. It's just not practical (nor financially possible) to fill up our entire house with brand new furniture and decorate every room to my heart's content right now. SO, I'm trying to enjoy it as we do it, even if it takes 5 years! Your posts make me think and I like that.

  11. so true. still a beautiful meal. And will make that farm table all the more special in the future. p.s. i want one too.

  12. Oh I love this and this evening looks perfect. Candle light is so beautiful.


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