Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The thing about New York

It's big city and yes, you share it with over 8 million people.
But the thing is...
The thing about New York is there's a place for everyone.
There is room.
There's a park bench, a coffee shop, an open window.
A library alcove, a spot of grass, a back corner booth.
It may be a nook here or nook there, but it's still a piece of New York, inviting you to stake your claim.
In a city of millions with a myriad of tourist attractions, it's wonderful to take a deep breath and say to yourself...
This spot, tiny as it may be, is mine.
My own New York.


  1. that is the truth. everyone fits in here somehow, some way.

  2. Beautiful. That's my favorite thing about big cities, and what I miss about living in one--having your own spot, that almost feels like a secret because you are in a place so big.

  3. beautiful, Molly. thankful you're enjoying your spot. miss you

  4. Love this.

    I think I have a spot in my city too. And it's a pretty good one. :)

  5. My dad would like this post.

    I liked it too :)

  6. This should be a folk song I'd listen to.

  7. This post made me tear up as I think about relinquishing my lil' spot of NYC.


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