Thursday, June 7, 2012

the space between

This week hasn't been anything spectacular in the way people tend to think
life is all GlitzyGlamAllTheTime living in NYC.
This is not a complaint, but rather, an explanation of sorts to the silence on the blog this week.
There's only so much fanfare that could surround things like...
I stopped counting the mosquito bites after five and declared an unofficial, but totally legit war.
The new rug we bought for the kitchen. Some moments it feels Moroccan and I dig it.
Other times, it just looks like a beach towel laying there mocking me.
It's been one of those weeks where you open the pantry door believing, miraculously, food will materialize and grand offerings will appear only to see months-old lifesavers staring back at you.
We haven't been totally without, though...

Amber came over one night and we made chicken carbonera. Right on.
The Moroccan beach towel in all it's glory/mockery featured above.

backyard bbq prep

grilled kabobs and corn on the cob


Two things I know for sure:

No. 1
The in-between spaces of everyday life, the parts sandwiched between all the Big and Exciting Things,
those are good times, too. So very good.


No. 2
Lifesavers do not a delectable meal make.
Off to the market I go.


  1. i agree that the in between moments are just as sweet as the grand. that's precisely why tate with raspberries on his fingers is featured on the blog. in my opinion, just as important as disneyland.
    btw i bet standing atop that moroccan rug makes cooking more fun!

  2. The in between moments are the moments that are best for reflection and rejuvenation. And I love your tiny little NYC kitchen.

  3. I love the rug! And the kabobs look delish! Have a great weekend!

  4. I like the rug! You should see our new bare apt. from hell. No, it's good...I just hate living without anything! I think the nursery shall get the works and the rest of the apt. will have to wait. You know my sister is Molly B. too and she likes to throw her middle initial in there a lot. Hers is Bridget, what about you? And you are so right about the moments in between. Except moving internationally and not having electricity for 3 days or hot water for 6. Or friends...yet. Outdoor bbq looks great.

    1. My middle name was actually Kathleen. Molly b. was just always my nickname from my dad, no particular reason :)

      If I could, I'd click my heels and land on your doorstep, help you decorate and then we could bbq. You know we're going to make this happen one day...

  5. I'm glad you aren't GlitzyGlamAllTheTime.

  6. yay! you posted! I see what you mean about the Moroccan beach towel, but I don't not like it. I mean that. Also I wish my quiet week involved carbonera and a bbq...those are a couple of pretty nice things to stir up some quiet. Good company can make a world of difference. Happy weekend friend!

  7. you have a backyard?! that's pretty awesome.

    also, i like the towel/rug.

  8. I have to face the music every week that I am not, in fact, magical as I close my eyes and wish (then open the cupboards to not what I wanted to eat for dinner). At least you have a pretty rug in there to soften the blow.

  9. i'm a fan of the rug. and of the in between.

  10. Thank you for the reminder to cherish the in-between spaces! I needed to hear that! Also, I love your rug!


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