Friday, June 22, 2012

of late




Dough on kitchen countertops, feelings of home.
Berries, a delectable treat.
Flowers, colorful reminders.
Topical analgesic, a pesky, persistent cough.
Andrew James, my father & friend, celebrated.
Justin Rigoloso, keeper of my heart.
Margaritas, words shared between soul sisters.

Summer has come.


  1. your description of your pictures is pretty awesome. and hope that cough has gone away!

  2. Those berries look you my. I love fruit in the summer!

  3. Mmm, margarita. How I wish I was there too, with a follow up of whatever you made with that dough!

  4. Skip the vapor rub and go right for the marg, that's what I say. Hold the salt!

  5. "keeper of my heart"... so, so sweet.

  6. The "keeper of my heart" line had me a little melty. And the margaritas had me a little thirsty.

  7. love the pic of J! :) I also love the "keeper of my heart" line. You are too sweet!


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