Friday, June 1, 2012

hot fun in the summertime

last day for wearing a blazer this season, mid-May 2012, with the girls in Brooklyn

The time is fastly approaching.

The time of sticky days where the least amount of clothing while still being appropriate becomes the only criteria for getting dressed. Where I actually hope for a cold shower just to get a reprieve. Where food is almost an afterthought and really the only thing I can utter is, ice.cold.water.

I know the time is fastly approaching because we've taken our first walk to the subway in complete silence. I have a hard time concentrating on making words come out of my mouth when there's sweat dripping down places I was raised not to discuss in polite company.

I also stared this season in the hot, sweaty face the other night when we went to dinner with friends. I chose a cute colorblocked silkish shirt to wear, verging on fancy, inclining my ear for a compliment from my man. By the end of the night, I had made a vow to anyone who would listen that I'd never ever wear anything silkish ever again unless icicles were hanging from my nose.

It's not that I dislike summer. I just dislike being hot and sweaty. And I have a hard time not being those things when it's 90plus degrees and 89% humidity in a city where our mode of transportation is our feet.

So if you see me around New York City over the next three months, I'll be the girl sucking back water, uttering very few words, wearing anything other than silk, begging the beads of sweat not to puddle around my lady parts.

Welcome, June.

Please be nice.


  1. I feel you. These are my sentiments EXACTLY. Which is why I live in the Pacific Northwest where we don't understand what "90 degrees" means until mid-August.

    And then we die because no one here has a/c.


    Stay strong Miss Molly.

  2. Hang in there. I think your apartment building needs a pool.

  3. this is such a cute pic! totally agree, sometimes the heat is just too much. also, i don't love to wear that prob doesn't help the issue. skinny jeans + heat = trapped.

  4. Oh Mols! I remember the fan at your JANUARY! We definitely don't have the temperature thing in common...good thing we have so many other things!

  5. Oh...I feel you. I love in South Florida, so I walk outside and basically die right on the spot. This is why I have fled to Minnesota for the past two summers.

  6. I admit, I love humidity. The most intense I've experienced is Cancun in late June and Georgia in July. I love how you can actually FEEL the wetness hanging inthe air. I think it feels terribly exotic and sexy.

    Unfortunetly, I live in the CA central valley, where we do 100 degrees of bone dry heat. It's crazy how different 100 degrees can feel between humid and dry.

    Go into survival mode, Molly. Put your chonies in the freezer and buy some Popsicles. Godspeed.

  7. I'm with ya, sista! I'm not a fan of heat and humidity, unless I am on an island or in a pool. Think positive about walking from place to place, bc my van doesn't cool off enough until we have actually arrived and the leather seats could fry an egg. :) Guzzle your water and try to stay cool. I'll be doing the same down south.

  8. this post made me laugh. i don't speak when i'm hot either...otherwise i'm likely to snap. happy summer!

  9. you had me in stiches when you said you were raised not to discuss certain things in polite company.

  10. You know I like the heat.

    But I don't like the wet.

    That stuff is NO GOOD.

  11. Ugh, I remember...sleeping with limbs as far apart as possible, wondering if showering is even worth it?!
    You knooOOooow Colorado summers are DELISH. Speaking as someone who survived 25ish years in the northeast summers, Colorado is admittedly beach barren, but OH LAWD the dry summer days. Mmm mmm mm.
    I'm sure you looked lovely in your skirt, you gave it a last hurrah for the season!

  12. i feel you on being sweaty everywhere (the subway is the worst). but i am excited for it to be a little warm again. and i'm even more excited to see you now that i'm back!

  13. oh I hate when sweat starts dripping when I'm all dressed for work - ick! It has been hot here since about April, but it is definitely getting more and more humid. I love summer - mostly when I'm laying by the pool :)

  14. i'm with you, girlfriend. it is a fiiine balance! you can always come up to the coastal north for a reprieve. :)


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