Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welp, here it is.

Let me set the scene for you.
This video was taken on my last trip home to Alabama.
We were all gathered around my parents' dining room table,
my grandmothers, my parents, my Aunt Elsie.
We'd spent the good portion of an hour videotaping one another and at this point we'd gotten down right silly.
Here's a moderately good representation of me and my southern voice.

For your interpretation, here's the list of words I'm reading:
aunt / route / wash / oil / theater / iron / salmon / caramel / fire / water / sure / data / ruin / crayon / toilet
New Orleans / pecan / both / again / probably / spitting image / Alabama / lawyer / coupon
mayonnaise / syrup / pajamas / caught

peace out, y'all.


  1. SAL-MON.

    WOOT WOOT. I just got excited. Loved this.


  2. love this. love you. i'm pretty sure i've heard lance say "rurnt" for ruin before... no lie.

  3. You are looking and sounding sexy! :) I SO say Sal-mon!

  4. yay! sooo good to hear you again! much love

  5. you are as adorable as always. and I missed your voice!

  6. Oooh...hello southern accent! hahah!

  7. Love it! I have a southern accent as well, and proud of it! ;)

  8. You do not have a very southern accent for an Alabama gal! I bet you would sound more southern if you were just talking instead of reading words. Sorry but, I'm fixin to get on my soap box here. I want to have a hissy fit when people think a person from the south is uneducated just because they have that good ole SOUTHERN DRAWL!!!!! Ok, that's it for me.

    Bye now

  9. I think you have LESS of an accent than you use to. But it probably comes back a little when you go home. Mom's accent changes instantly as soon as she gets around Aunt Martha!!!
    You don't sound at all like the girl from Pansy anymore :)

  10. Aww southern accents are the cutest! Maybe I should put my aussie one out into cyber space some time :P

  11. i like how you're all "i don't knowww if i have a southern accent or not" in the beginning.

    TO THIS YANKEE, you do. and i loves it.

  12. this made me miss you and your sweet southern accent!

  13. Holy Southern Lady!! Your accent is everything I hoped it would be and more. I am so jealous. I want a southern accent just like yours.

  14. ok I have been waiting to watch this, is that weird? It's weird. You certainly have an accent (to this Yankee also- Bridget) but it's mostly in o-words I "iron" and "toilet". Also I like it when people say pecan instead of pee-can, it's just RIGHT.
    Also I like that bit of gold necklace there...

  15. This is funny! You def have an accent, but I Love my accent and think southern voices are more sing songy and easy on the ears.


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