Tuesday, May 22, 2012

things learned

In honor of launching my new blog name and it's pretty new face this week, I decided to reflect on some of the things I've learned from my blogging experience to date.

Here we go.

It will suck your time dry.
You'll sit down to write a post thinking, this will take about 30 minutes and then a solid 3 hours pass in an instant.

Posts you think people will love, they may not like at all.
Some of you will recall the great candle post debacle that stirred up such huffs and puffs and blow your house downs. Oy.

Blogging is a whole new world.
Cue Aladdin soundtrack. It's robust with words like sponsors and followers and statistics and giveaways.
Comment moderation and Anonymous and widgets and html.

Fashion blogs. Mom blogs. Coupon blogs. Foodie blogs. DIY blogs. Lifestyle blogs. Blogs Hating On Other Blogs blogs.

In a recent conversation with my mom she said, A couple years ago, if I'd heard someone call you a blogger, I'd have thought they were calling you a bad name.
She may have been right to think so.

Picnik is dead. RIP.

For me, I have learned that blogging, like most things in my life, is best done in moderation.
When my only focus is I've Got To Blog This!, I miss out on living life and enjoying the moment.
On the flip, this medium proves an excellent way to document moments, to write out thoughts, to forge friendships, to be present.

If I were to ask Justin what he'd learned from his wife-turned-blogger, he'd probably say this:
Never, ever under any circumstance eat a bite of your food until it has been thoroughly documented with some version of a DSLR. Or an iPhone featuring instagram.

I'd ask him for you, but that joker is asleep.

Top knots and red lips for life,

molly b.


  1. RIP Picnik for sure. Oh how I mourn that loss.

    Amen to blogging in moderation. And then blowing up the blog, and then disappearing for a week, and coming back better than ever.

    Our men need to form a HOB club where they can lament about all their awkward moments turned public.

    1. HA! Loved the second part of this comment. "Blowing up the blog" made me laugh a big one.

  2. a) "Top knots and red lips for life" is my favorite part and,

    b) Jared is at the point now where he just automatically pushes his plate toward me knowing I will need to photogrpah it before he ever touches is. This is what friendship looks like in my book.

  3. but now there is pic monkey! love the sign-off - oh the little world of blogging.

  4. Molly I love this. And the new design. And I cant do topknots but I can pull off red lipstick.

    And I think picmonkey is even better! I promise!

    1. No worries, Stacia. I can't do topknots either.

  5. Lol... love this post. I've been blogging for years - since before "blogging" was a word, even, so it cracks me up on a daily basis to see what this "world" has become! I didn't see your old design but I love this one! xx

    1. Oh, I'd love to see your list of things you've learned!

  6. When I wrote the first post on my little blog I had NO IDEA about ANY OF THIS.

    This is funny stuff and all so so true.

  7. I miss picnik too! I just discovered picmonkey and so far so good! :)

  8. Hi, Molly! Blogging slices time. It's amazing.

  9. Loved this post because everything is SO TRUE.

    Especially the time sucker part. Haha, boy is that ever the truth.

  10. I will never understand a stranger leaving rude or mean comments. Why? That's all I have to say about that. :)

  11. Great post. Love the new look. And "molly b." is perfect.

  12. molly b is starting to pop up in the memory of my address bar. Just thought that would make you happy to know.

  13. I concur with everything you said. Especially the part about blogging in moderation - so true.

    The new look is so clean, and simple, and fabulous. Great job, Molly B.

  14. So love the new look. Perfect! Love you and miss you lots!


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