Tuesday, May 1, 2012

better than the Holiday Inn

Justin recently had a 3 day weekend that became a 5 day weekend at the last minute.
We tried to do Boston.
But the only vacancy Boston had to offer at the last minute was the Holiday Inn.
For $320 a night.
Umm, first of all, what?! And secondly, no thanks.
We'll save Boston for another time when $320 garners somethng a little more authentic. 

But we still wanted to get away for a few days. We tried Cold Springs, NY in the Hudson Valley.
No vacancy.
Then Justin jokingly said, We should go to Ohio.
I gave a half-hearted laugh and said something like yeah that'd be awesome.

Later that day, I was chatting with Candis and told her the outrageous Holiday Inn tale when she said,
Well, where are you guys going to go?
I paused and said, I can't believe I'm going to tell you this... but Justin mentioned Ohio.

Two days later we were there.
In Ohio.
Eating Jeni's ice cream, taking pictures of Westley's every move, laughing 'til there were tears and confirming what we'd known for a long time...
that our husbands would love each other.

We came home rested and happy and thankful.
Those Joneses are famous in our book.

Beat that, Holiday Inn.


  1. Pretty ladies, cute baby and handsome husbands... All wrapped up in a wanderlust-last-minute-travel fantasy?!

    You guys are awesome.

    (next time come to Portland!)

  2. Hi Molly! Your blog is super cute, and i am jealous of your hair, I am trying to grow mine back out ;)

    Thanks for stopping by! xo

  3. that's so awesome you were able to take an impromptu trip there. westley drinking with that straw and his shoes? beyond adorable. glad you were able to get away and have some fun.

  4. Oh, that's so great! Get-a-ways with friends are the best.

  5. Sounds like a blast!

    Next time do Nashvegas, pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!

  6. Your pictures make me happy and the story makes it legendary. Last minute trip for some husband blind man-date time? Perfect.

  7. Love that you did this.

    Time with good friends always makes for one heck of a vacation (especially the spontaneous ones!). Looks like such a nice trip to Ohio. Now I want me some chick-fil-a and some Jenni's (I've had the chicken, but the ice cream just sounds deVINE whenever you mention it). YUM.

  8. amazing. so glad the husbands hit it off! (as if there was ever any doubt)

  9. stupid boston.

    and i like the pic of you two cheersing milk over black and white cookies.

  10. What's so bad about Ohio? ;o) Glad you had fun.

  11. Boston hotels can be so expensive unfortunately. So glad you had a great trip!

  12. I see the menu for Drew's Diner up there and I'M SO PISSED I DIN'T GET NONE.

    Ps. you are pretty.

  13. Boston hotels are nuts. You should go 45 min north of the city and stay in Rockport or Gloucester up on Cape Ann sometime. Super gorgeous coastline there, adorable B&Bs, inns and vacation rentals. From there it's easy to do a day trip into town via car or the commuter rail. $320 night would definitely get you some place nice (check CapeAnnVacations.com)!


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