Monday, April 30, 2012

scenes from our April

Cool Easter breezes.
Hiding eggs in our neighborhood park.
Spontaneous chess game with said eggs.
Colorful stripes.
Farmacy Soda Fountain, Brooklyn.
Gungor and The Brilliance.
Dates with friends.
Flowers on every corner.
Spring came to New York City.
And it was good.
Big shoes, May. Big shoes.


  1. Hard to believe another month is gone. Time flies when your having fun I guess!

  2. love all of these pictures! you've definitely got a talent on that corner. i love your skirt with the stripes, that amazing looking sundae, and that picture of tina! hopefully may is just as fun and we see on another soon.

    1. What a compliment! Thank you so much, friend. Sooooon.

  3. I need to go to the Farmacy like yesterday. Also gotta love the noble lad on his knee in front. lol.


    1. Haha! The noble lad. I thought to myself, really? That's how you want to live forever in a photograph? :)

  4. I have missed you, but it looks like your April was amazing! Your photos are gorgeous, as usual. And I love that skirt, it is Spring all the way.

  5. Yo Molly,

    You're looking especially hot in these photos. Your birthday month suits you.

  6. Cute skirt! Great pics! Love your smile!

  7. You are look snazzy, my friend! And it so looks like I need to visit NYC in the Spring! I've missed you!

  8. Eeeeeeeee!!

    Love spring in NYC!

    And that pic of Tina is so lovely!!

    And I agree with Colleen-- you're photography skills are top of the line. Love the filter you use too.

    XO, Molly!

    1. AnnA! Thank you, thank you! Isn't Tina so striking?! xo


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