Friday, April 6, 2012

Hattie I + her parents, too

Our friends Rob and Hillary got married and had a baby girl named Hattie Ilene.
I can officially say that our apartment is big enough for 4 adults and a 10-month-old.
We so enjoyed having them here in the city with us.
I loved having a baby crawling around on our (swept) floor and taking a bath in our kitchen sink.
We filled our days talking and laughing and eating J's good cooking.
Hattie also managed to get a tour of a local clinic here in NYC.
A 104.7 temperature will do that.
One day, I came home to fresh flowers + a ballooned + bannered apartment compliments of Justin and Hillary.
However, one of my favorite memories was listening to Hillary sing to Hattie before she went to sleep.
I can still hear her voice singing a song she penned for her girl to the tune of Edelweiss.
Hattie I, Hattie I...
I am telling you, it was simply beautiful and still gives me chills days later.
Justin and I know we want to have kids one day, but until then, and even then,
we will continue to love the ones around us. And their parents, too.


  1. fun, fun times! grown up spend the night parties are the best!!!!!!!

  2. she is cute! and baths in the bathroom sink. man those were the days.

  3. What a sweetie. I love the picture of you and J's reflection...reminds me of the one of Drew and I real big in our dining room.

    Also is that a new red chair?

    And - the Edelweiss part put tears in my eyes.

  4. Hattie is so beautiful! Nothing like having a house filled with a sweet little baby. It just adds so much love :)Glad you all had an enjoyable visit.

  5. I have lots of respect for parents who can get their baby to sleep in a strange studio apartment where four other adults are sleeping. Hats off to them.

    Also your place is looking cute.

  6. Holy sweet baby face! What a little doll (and the mohawk - excellent choice!)

    Friends are the best, especially when they come with lots of love, cute babies and balloons!

  7. Those blue eyes! Love the hair spike photo- one for the family album.Rx

  8. it's fun playing with babies for a few days :)
    sounds like a great time!

  9. So Sweet and looks like you all had a great time. I just wish it was herreson that had been in that sink. Well... he would not have been able to fit in it now ; ) I hope you had a great easter too!

  10. Hattie's eyes are just gorgeous! I love having little ones around - it makes me excited for the days that we will have kids! And a bath in the kitchen sink - I love it! My sister did the same thing with her son when she came and visited a couple months ago.

  11. Well of course she's beautiful...her name is Hattie and all. ;o)


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