Friday, April 20, 2012

happy friday from me and my long hair

My hair is officially the longest it's ever been ever ever.
My pal Amber straightened this mess of curls the other night and
I don't know who was more shocked...
Amber, me or my hair.

I'm peacing out for an impromptu getaway with my man this weekend.
When you have five days off on a straight that's called VACAY!
It's also called unheard of, but we'll take it.

Wherever your weekend takes you, I hope it's happy.


  1. yay for impromptu vacay! love that last picture of you guys...and your super long hair.

  2. i'm diggin the hair and the cool brick background at whatever cool nyc hotspot you are.

    enjoy the time together!!

  3. Love the hair!

    I am so glad j gets that time off. Just wish we were going with yall.
    miss you and love you

  4. Vacay! Sounds wonderful. Have fun! I love you and your long hair.

  5. your hair looks gorgous. now all you need is a little wind!
    have fun!

  6. Have a nice trip!! Love the hair, and that last picture. Resto treated us gooood.


  7. love the hair! i have super curly hair too, it's always a shock to straighten it and see how long it really is. have a fun trip :)

  8. Love your hair! Have a great VACAY!!!

  9. Your hair is gorgeous, as are you! Hope the vacation is going fabulous, can't wait to see pics.

  10. It IS long. Are you going to keep it that way or chop it?!

    Hope you had a relaxing vacay!

  11. Hi! I'm visiting via Dear Friend, so excited to have found you! I love discovering new blogs. Looking forward to following along! xoxo, eliza

  12. Hope you had a great trip!


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