Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the flowers are dead, but we are alive

Since we last talked...

My birthday flowers bit the dust.
I bought some new tank tops at H&M destined to be my go-to's this summer.
We've had dinners with friends. And brunches, too.
We've celebrated Easter with our New York family and hid eggs in the park.
We've turned on the air conditioner and begged the upcoming summer season to be nice.
Justin has worked hard and long hours and still managed to prove himself an excellent chef.
I've talked business with friends and explored what that looks like.
I keep pulling my camera out to document these moments.
And then at the end of the day, I find myself crawling into bed instead of coming to this space.
I have missed it. Coming here. Remembering moments, big and small, with words and pictures.
On the flip side, it's felt so freeing to live life quietly and not so outloud.

In other news...
We can fit six people on our couch.
I call that impressive.


  1. Missed you so much on this forum, but I know what you mean when you say it feels good to live life a bit quieter. I feel that for sure.

    You apartment looks so big full of friends!


  2. Wow! So many people! I've missed you, friend! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  3. I have missed you so...Glad life is treating you and J well and hoping for more pics and words soon! :) no pressure.

  4. well i'm glad to hear that! and that i was one of those brunches. and also i'd like to come over and make s'mores. please and thank you.

  5. It's okay to step away sometimes, we all need a break!
    Glad your doing well & enjoying your days :)

  6. I agree with Lady Lee. I missed reading your words, but I understand just enjoying your life quietly. I'm glad it's been full and fun.

  7. that is a lot of people in your apartment -- did unca J cook some delish thing up for the masses???

  8. What a crowd! Doesn't surprise me one bit that y'all have so many friends in NYC.

  9. I love that you said "live quietly and not so outloud". Exactly how I feel when I don't blog for awhile. YOU should blog though because it's good stuff.


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