Wednesday, March 14, 2012

one less

Justin had a dentist appointment last week that ended with a bit of oral surgery on an ornery old wisdom tooth.
He handled it like a champ, riding home on the subway, ice pack held in place on his swollen cheek.
Thankfully, his dentist was a total rockstar, quite the opposite of the whack job dentist I walked out on several months back.
Something about dirty needles on the doctor's office floor spelled s h a d y to me.
But I digress.
We love our new dentist. He doesn't leave skeevy needles on the floor.
Once home, my sweet patient had one request.
I panicked a little.
If I were in my Southern home state, grits would be a total staple in our pantry, but in NYC?
Fat chance.
All I wanted was to make my man happy and all he wanted was grits and green gatorade.
So I set out for the market with a wish and a prayer and lo and behold, I found the tasty little grain.
Not the preferred brand, but I was in no position to be choosy.
J spent the rest of the weekend napping and enjoying his buttery grits and even managed one tweet whilst under the influence of pain meds.
He was certainly proud of himself for that. I confiscated his phone.
Lastly, I learned you'll only come close to swallowing gauze once, and you'll do anything to avoid it the next time.


  1. so nice that you made him a pot of salsa ;)

  2. Aww haha poor guy! Hope he is feeling better.

  3. HAHAHA Take out gauze before drinking! Poor guy. I had my wisdom teeth out in my early twenties. It is no freaking joke.

  4. Ha! I love the writing on his hand and what a good wifey you are!! I hope he is feeling better.

  5. Poor Boo Boo...when I first saw the writing on his hand I thought maybe he had written a note to the oral surgeon like "remove upper right wisdom tooth" as a nurse that's the note I may have written!! Feel better soon

  6. I can't even take that note on J's hand- HILARIOUS!! Sounds like you were the perfect nurse, esp with that big pot of buttery goodness!

  7. Poor J! i am sorry he had to had tooth surgery. When teeth hurt they HURT!!! I hope he is feeling much better.

  8. Glad he's on the mend!!

    I loathe the dentist. At least mine. She's the definition of evil.

  9. My first thought, where in the WORLD are Molly and J living where Molly goes to a dentist with needles on the floor?
    My second thought, why does this dentist still have a license...or does he? :)
    Third thought, hope J doesn't get sick off of pain meds. Green gatorade mixed with grits won't be pretty.

    Poor J. I will send you some good ole "name brand" grits!

  10. when husband is feeling like some grits with sass... check out the Pioneer Woman's "cheesy bacon grits" - you'll win wife of century!

    the poor little California girl who hadn't had grits before 6 months ago

    1. You had me at Pioneer Woman.

      I am so glad you had the good fortune to be introduced to grits. I just hope they were legit and not cream of wheat.

  11. Things I hate: The dentist. But then, Dr. Passaglia came into my life and he's just so sweet and so I am happy to go and see him every six months now.

    Things I love: Grits. But I've never eaten them in CA because that just seems wrong, you know? Only in Americus, Plains, and Savannah, GA.

    1. I am hoping my experience will be as good as yours and J's.

      And yes, grits anywhere other than the South or made by a Southerner leaves me a bit skeptical.

  12. Oh man can I relate to tooth drama. Sorry, J.

    Glad you found some grits in NYC.

    Last sentence - hilarious.

  13. Rigo is a sexy beast... A SEXY BEAST.



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