Thursday, March 8, 2012

a list at random

I went to a friend's apartment last night to help her make some decorating and organizing decisions. As my friend Ashley would say, it made my heart sing.

Justin has a dreaded dentist appointment this coming Friday morn. I shouldn't boast too much, my time is rapidly approaching.

One of the sweetest homecomings ever. Fair warning, it made me totally teary.

I am fine with Spring approaching, but I'd like the humidity to take it's precious time.

My hair is officially the longest it's ever been. There may be a haircut in my future. See the part about humidity above.

I now want a lemon tree. A Meyer lemon tree to be exact.

And I'd like to plant a garden.

Neon seems to be making an appearance again for the season. Will you embrace it? I'm undecided about neon, but mint is calling my name.

My 84-year-old Nana just had a total knee replacement. She is doing well and entertaining everyone around her. She watched Monday night's The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. Her review? Those women were pure silly. I couldn't agree more, Nana.

People make the decision to move to New York all the time. This is the coolest story yet.

That typewritter in the picture above? I think it needs to come live with me.

Peace out.


  1. i love mint, too. and hate the dentist.

    peace out.

  2. i want a lemon tree as well. and i like your nana's assessment of the women tell all. sums it up quite nicely.

  3. I would like you to have a garden and a lemon tree and then let me "borrow" said lemons and garden produce. Thanks.

    1. If I can figure out a way to have my garden in nyc, I'll share my lemons with you.

  4. Will you send my love to Nana?

    Those girls were a bunch of silliness. That is a nice Nana way to put it.

  5. Oh, I liked this one. This was good.

    I hate the dentist LIKE WHOA. I still remember the first time you tweeted me I had been off on a rant on how awful that place is! Yick! Gives me the heebie jeebies.

    I love helping make decorating decisions too. I always say if I wasn't a teacher, I would want to be an interior designer. Sigh.

    I will wish for a sunny, breezy, humid-less spring for you. Because those days are the best kind.

    And love to your Nana! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. I love your Nana's thoughts on the WTA. seriously, SO silly. And I want a lemon tree too! and my husband wants a mini orange tree to put in our living room. Once we buy a house I'm planning on getting both! I would love having fresh lemons from my backyard!

  7. I love as I'm getting ready to leave a comment, the pic of you and J kissing in the truck is what I see. Love it and why haven't I noticed it before now. I've totally forgotten my comment. Happy Spring!

  8. My mom just had a knee replacement in Jan. She is doing well and was released yesterday to drive again! Yay! Send Nana my love.

    Neon + Me = Not a good combo!

  9. I love your Nana. Will she be wearing Neon this Spring? I plan to toss some in here and there. I especially love neon dipped flats.

    Meyer lemon trees are the best, especially for making lemon-drops! We have three regular lemon trees, so are well supplied year-round with lemons. But meyer lemons are a special treat.

  10. yes! plant you a little garden.

    even though we have a yard, i have a city girl's garden...just pots outside the door step. my kids dig up anything i plant in the backyard.

  11. Belch I still don't like the dentist either 


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