Thursday, March 22, 2012

it is well

Weekend getaways with friends are better than medicine.
Chilly, perfectly quiet, foggy mornings with hot cups of coffee.
Bright afternoon sunshine welcomed by laughter and birthday cake.
A swing that took you to the highest treetops simultaneously stealing your breath and making you scream.
A time to slow our hustling bustling selves and refocus on the things most important in this life.
I am so thankful for times like that. They refresh my mind, body and spirit.
All is well.


  1. Amazing!!! That swing looks so awesome :)

  2. love these photos - where did y'all go?

  3. That looked like a lovely weekend indeed. I'm glad you had it.

  4. A great weekend with friends, in a place that is far removed from the daily hustle and bustle sounds fantastic. Food for the soul for sure :)

  5. that second to last picture? i want to be in it.

    where arreeee you molly?

  6. WOW! I want to do this. Also, I second Bridget, where are you? Did you swing? Or are you just teasing us? :) Looks like an awesome birthday!

    1. Ashley- Busted! I was simply the photographer of the swings. So my account is totally second-hand :)

  7. Colleen + Bridget + Ashley- we were about 2 hours north of the city in Glen Spey.

  8. Oh that swing. I want to be riding on that. I live for exciting moment like that.

    Looks like such a perfect place!

  9. Amazing pics. So happy you had a great get-a-way.


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