Thursday, March 1, 2012

how we celebrated J's no. 32

Dude hangout time. I ordered 2 large pizzas with 3 different meat toppings, stocked the fridge with PBR and left the men to do whatever it is they do for a few hours.

When I came home, they were watching Dave Chappelle on YouTube.

Opened presents.

J's been quite the chef lately. Male-friendly cookbooks were a hit this year.

He's already put them to good use, too. Chicken and dumplings with vegetables. So very good.

We documented the day with pictures in the mirror. Bloggery chic at it's best.

Peanut butter nutella bars in lieu of a cake. Great decision. They might've made the birthday boy cuss.

I think that's a good sign.

That night, we went to our favorite comedy club.

When we came home, J requested I do cupcake hands and pretty feet a la Toddlers & Tiaras.

And because I will act a fool to make him laugh, I obliged.

It was his birthday, afterall.

His one birthday hint? Some good gin.

I found a manly looking double jigger and a cool cocktail book to compliment his wish.

I think J's 32nd year is off to a great start.

Cupcake hands and pretty feet as proof, I certainly love that man.


  1. yeah that looks good. and did someone say fine gin cocktails? see you soon

  2. your such a good wife! looks like fun =)

  3. sounds like the perfect celebration! p.s. I love Lucinda Scala Quinn!!! Hope the cook book leads to some fantastic meals.

  4. molly, you are gifted in the art of celebration. this looks like such a fun b-day!

    1. I think that's the best compliment I've ever received. Thanks, Sarah!

  5. It looks like you all had such a great time! wish i would have been there! Sarah you are correct, she does have an art for celebration. What a great way to put it into words. love you Molly.

  6. Someone is looking preeeetttyyyy in a cuuuute necklaaaaace.

    And J is handsome too of course!

    You are such a good wife.

  7. Dude. Molly, you did good. I always fail with birthdays--male birthdays that is. Taylor's birthday that is. Booze, pizza and comedy clubs? I may actually win him over next week (it's March 9). Where did you guys go anyway? We're planning on going to the city!

  8. What a fun birthday celebration! It's always challenging for me to come up with fun birthday things that my husband would enjoy...sounds like you nailed it! Oh and his manly cookbooks look like there's some legit good food in there.


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