Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hi! + a story

Hi there blog friends!

I've missed you guys.

Around here, we've been turning our apartment into a home, scouring craigslist for an armoire,
hosting our community group and trying new recipes.

My man is quite the chef. Last week he had me going back for seconds on green beans.
That's nothing short of amazing... who ever goes for seconds on vegetables anyhow?

Maybe I can get him to share his green bean secret with you.

I'm going to leave you with a story I hadn't thought about in a long time until a friend recently reminded me of it.
It's a good one. I think you'll like it.

/ / /

Her name was Joyce.
She was easily the oldest enrolled student on our college campus.
Joyce stood just over 4 feet tall and she was a character.
Her 60+year-old self seemed ancient to my 19-year-old self.

We had World History with Dr. Taylor together.
She would come to history straight from her swimming class, grey curly hair still wet as could be.
When she wasn't still wearing it, Joyce would keep her swimsuit in a plastic bag tied to her backpack.
She referred to our professor and all professors as Teacher.
When the thugs in the back of the class were acting the fool,
Joyce would take it upon herself to stand up, Dr. Taylor mid-sentence about ancient Greece,
and address the young men directly,
Teacher is talking! You should listen to Teacher!

Everyone on campus, it seemed, had a Joyce story to tell.
She was nothing short of legendary.
When Justin and I got together and began sharing some of our favorite college memories,
I realized he had the best Joyce story of all.

There was a certain flight of stairs on campus that every student would inevitably travel
several times throughout the course of a day.
Justin and a buddy of his were walking up the stairs as Joyce was travelling down.
As they neared one another, Joyce stopped Justin, touched his arm and said,
How 'bout you and me get groovy with some swords on a bear skin rug?

It's pretty hard to knock Justin speechless, but I think that might've done it.


  1. hahahahahaha - what?! joyce you old cougar! love this story.

  2. First of all, I've missed your "voice!" Second, I don't even know if there are words. That was a great story. How do these things always happen to Justin?

  3. That is epic!! Ha ha ha ha ha

  4. oh joyce! you bold woman you! where is she now?

    1. I have often wondered what happened to Joyce. No doubt she's entertaining someone somewhere.

  5. now that is some funny stuff! i wish i had joyce in one of my classes there...but i didn't!! sad!


    Oh my goodness. Swords? JOYCE! YOU CRAZY FREAK!

    Of course this would happen to Justin. Of. Course.

    Love it.

  7. BAAAHHH ha ha ha. What a character!

  8. That is the best story!!! She sounds like a gem to have met!


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