Friday, March 9, 2012

blue-eyed lady

Sky blue is her signature color.

Her taste in jewelry, handbags and clutches is classic and spot-on to this day.

Her daylilies are award-winning, her yard always immaculate.

She was quite the competitive bowler in her day.
As a little girl, I'd stand and admire her many trophies, especially the ones taller than me.
Then I'd ask to take one home and she'd let me. Every time.

Today's her birthday and I so wish I could be home in Alabama celebrating her alongside the rest of my family.

She's a good lady, a beautiful lady and she's so very special to me.

Happy Birthday, Dranny, with all my love.

: : :


  1. this is sweet. it dranny or granny? and if it's dranny - where does the name come from?

    1. Good question. I'm the youngest of 5 grandchildren. By the time I came along, she was already named Granny, but my sweet little self pronounced it Dranny. I don't use it often, just as a special term of endearment. My parents will probably show her the post & I knew she'd appreciate it ;)

  2. I love that she would let you take a trophy home. My Great-Grandma had all these stuffed animals at her house. I always wanted to touch them and she would yell at me if I even got close. Kind of a flip side to you story, haha. Anyway, it makes me happy that she was so good to you as a kiddo.

    1. Wha?! That makes me sad. And it makes me want to send you a bucket of stuffed animals.

  3. Happy Birthday Dranny! I can't wait to try your pie.

    I love that you call her Dranny :)

  4. A Rigoloso residentMarch 11, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    Wow a really strong lady :)

  5. Our "dranny" is the best! We love you Granny!

  6. You look just like her in the face, pretty lady.

  7. What a fun lady! I hope I'm stylish and fun when I'm a grandmother.


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