Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We ate some more & got crafty // Ohio, No. 3

Martha would have been so proud of us.

Just look at that concentration.

Car onesies and stripey socks. The cuteness knows no end.

Drew Jones giving a great rendition of Ryan Gosling in Drive.

Candis introduced us to North Market where we ate some more.

It's amazing to look through your camera lens and see people you love so.

Oh my heart.

Really? Yes, really.

Some of my favorite hydrangeas made an appearance.

One of each, please.

Coffee... a good idea always and all that.

These pretzels were our saving grace after a failed attempt to be blogger chic and eat crêpes.
The crêpes disappointed. Thankfully, the pretzels did not.

We may or may not have eaten Jeni's again. I'll let you decide.

Thank you, stranger, for taking a group shot.

Candis treated us to one of her famed necklaces and we got to pick out our own colors. So rad of her.

It was late.

Drew Jones' slips. House slips, that is.


And again.

I love you guys. All of you. And miss you already.
Candis + Drew, thank you for some October days in early February...

I remember it as October days are always remembered,
cloudless, maple-flavored, golden and so clean it quivers.
Leif Enger, Peace Like a River


  1. Wow! I've never been the first to comment before! I love how Westley is looking at his mama in that last picture and how I feel I like I know these people through reading your words (and theirs). I'm glad you had a wonderful visit.

  2. You look so Pretty in all those pics and it looks like you have gotten your hands on some photo editing tools. i likes!

  3. Lovely!! What a lovely lovely time!

    And that last quote? That is one of my favorite books ever. Oh, how I love it so.

  4. Lynn - I was just going to say how I love that Westley is looking at me in the last one!

    Oh an the SLIPS. They are becoming as infamous as robebear and now the sweet caftan.

  5. I really like whatever method you used to edit these photos. Nice warm glow - pretty.


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