Monday, February 13, 2012

We ate // Ohio, No. 2

Northstar. Easily one of my favorite restaurants ever.

With some of my favorite people ever.

Dear nyc, please get a Northstar. Thanks.

Elizabeth was a trooper and sandwiched herself between the carseats.

One of the sweetest sights I've ever seen... two babyfriends in a bathtub.

Sweet heaven help us all.

Have you ever? This made me wish for a Rigobaby like none other. One of these days.

Drew cooked us every meal from breakfast to lunch to dinner.
He can add chef to his long list of talents. Lookout, Northstar.

Buckeye balls in the Buckeye state. Cute, I know. And delish.

Pretty lady in an apron her mama made.

And then there was Jeni's. Official ice cream heaven.

The ladies and the babies at Jeni's.

"Hey Mama, I can have some?"

And the newest Jeni's fan was born.

Drew's brother, Corbin, joined us for some creams.

As did Corbin's ladyfriend, Meredith. Isn't she beautiful?
Hi Meredith!


One of the best women I've ever known.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
Virginia Woolf

I don't think there was ever a question that we dined well. And were loved just as well.


  1. You ladies know how to have a good time!

    And I like how you called those cute boys babyfriends. Made me laugh.

  2. love all of these photos - looks like the best trip. and love that virginia woolf quote.

  3. If I'd have known you were going to Northstar I might have crashed this party! I love that all three of you have a picture of Drew in an apron on the internet. :o) Nothing better than a girl's weekend, glad you girls had fun!

    1. You totally should have crashed! I heard so many good things about you. Wish we could've met. Next time? :)

  4. We take good pictures together. Yesterday Westley and Drew walked by your room and Westley looked in and Drew said, "Aunt Molly went back to NYC to be with Unca J."


    1. That's the sweetest thing. Made me all teary.

  5. this looks so great. northstar and their damn cookies! i want one! and that rice concoction? yum. all of it. lovely.

  6. Drew and Candis were the best hosts!! They took you to all MY favorite spots! Those babies are the sweetest...don't know how your ovaries could say no!

    1. Hi Holly! You are right, they really are fantastic hosts! And those babies do make me dreamy for rigobabies :)

  7. hey molly, this is meredith! it was lovely to meet you. i'm so glad that you enjoyed ohio! i know you are very special to candis!

    would it be alright if i use the pic of me and corbin as my facebook picture? you have mad skills and take amazing photos! i would credit you of course..

    take care <3


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