Friday, February 24, 2012


He eats one thing on his plate at a time. No bite of steak, then bite of potatoes.

He doesn't like hot drinks.

He is great with stressful situations.

He likes his eggs over easy.

He asks really good questions and then listens to the answers.

He has a healthy respect for both Dave Chappelle and Charles Spurgeon.

He is boss at Trivial Pursuit.

He was called Rigo by nearly every person on our college campus.

And then I fell in love with him and started calling him J.

Tomorrow is his birthday and we're going to celebrate. You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

Happy Birthday Eve, J.

I love you so.


  1. i eat everything on my plate one thing at a time too! my dad often made fun of me about this growing up.

    he is really good at asking questions and listening to the answers. you don't get called dan flanders for nothing.

    happy birthday justin!!! i hope you and molly have the best day!

  2. Happy birthday, j! One of my favorite things about you is how well you listen and how you can always make the person you are talking to feel important. That's how I knew you were as fantastic as Molly told me out we're when we first met!

  3. Happy birthday to Justin Rigoloso! The Pughs love you both so much.

  4. Hooray for Rigoloso family Birthdays! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your man! I hope you guys have a great day celebrating! Isn't it wonderful to have a husband who is great at stressful situations?!

  6. Mols,
    All descriptions of your man above are so, so true. My favorite? His ability to ask really good (and sometimes hard) questions, and then he truly listens to your answers. What a gift in this loud and busy world. Happy Birthday to him!

    Sassy Pantz

  7. what kind words for your man! happy b-day, J.

  8. so sweet molly. justin is lucky to have you!

  9. Happy Happy Day to your sweet J! Enjoy the fun celebration!
    ps. my "TL" (true love) only eats one thing at a time.

  10. Happy Birthday J-money! (Your gangsta name from your days in Oakland). Have a wonderful time eating your birthday dinner one item at a time.

  11. Love this. Hope you had a great day today filled with sweets and more sweets. You both deserve it!! :)

  12. J-money! I like it....I may have to borrow that one!
    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people! Uncle J....we love you!!

  13. I hope you had a great birthday J Rigo Bean.

    We over here at the Jones Cottage were thinking of you!!


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