Tuesday, February 14, 2012

from me to you

I think if we were all being honest with each other,
we'd admit that deep down we have a desire to be loved, to know we are enough.

Some of us would probably like to hear sweet things like I love you, I want you, I need you.
Some might prefer baubles and a fancy night out.
Still, others might choose a clean kitchen she didn't clean herself,
a long, hot bath without interruptions and a full night of sleep.
Or maybe all of the above.

We want someone else to recognize that we are talented and smart and attractive.
Someone to value our worth just as we are without us having to morph into a false version of ourselves.

So that's what I wanted to tell you today.
You are loved and valued and worthwhile.
Don't believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Now, if I were Oprah, I'd shower you with baubles aplenty and spa days for years and probably even a new car.
But I'm not, so I'll just end with this...

You are enough.


  1. Molly, you have the sweetest heart. And you make mine smile. Happy Valentine's Day, doll!

  2. i would take it as long as you got excited and yelled the way oprah does.

    and such a good post. you're the best.

  3. Molly, you always have a way with words, but today, you made me misty. Happy Valentines Day, beautiful lady.

  4. Happy Valentines Day. Right back atcha.

  5. Thank you, sweet Molly. You always just get it right.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your love. :)

  6. You are an incredible encourager, and gifted with words. Your friends know and love these things about you. And yet, we are continually struck by how richly your share these gifts with others. Thank you for being so very wonderful.

  7. just one more reason as to why you are my favorite. xoxo happy valentine's day.

  8. Too sweet, miss molly :) always speaking from your heart. Happy valentine's day.

  9. You are beautiful inside and out. Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. This is all very sweet, Molly. You are a kind heart. YOU are worthy of all sorts of love today and everyday! xoxo

  11. Happy Happy Heart DAy to you! Your heart is something to be proud of..... Hugs!

  12. As are you Molly...as are you.


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