Wednesday, February 29, 2012

friends + slices of orange

I remember the first time J took me to meet the McGowins, I was so nervous.
It probably didn't help that he said something to the effect of These folks are some of the most important people in my life.
They are like family to him and they became family to me, too.
Their daughter, Molly Kate, was barely a teenager when we first met and now she's a freshman in college in Connecticut.

Molly Kate and her friend Sarah visited us in the city not too long ago.
I had the best time with them.
We shopped and ate at Serendipity and shopped and shopped some more.

They had a real New York hotdog straight from a street vendor. I was so proud.
And knew Colleen would be, too.

And lest you think otherwise, let it be known that we made an appearance at DASH...
Owned by the Kardashian sisters themselves.
You could be the proud owner of a cotton tee with DASH written across your bosom for a mere $60.

That same weekend, we celebrated our friend Melissa's birthday.

These guys taught us to take our tequila shots with a cinnamon sprinkled orange instead of the tired ole salt and lime.

It was good. Both the tequila and the friends.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!

    I went to college with Melissa and Sean (they were a year or two ahead and probably don't remember me, but I knew who they were because I worked in the Scene Shop in our theatre dept). And I see Zac in there, too! (He bet me a kiss on the cheek once that he could throw a chunk of scrap wood into a garbage bin across the shop - he made it, he got the kiss, haha)

    1. What?! It's such a crazy cool small world! Now, come hang out with us!

  2. tequila with orange and cinnamon? that sounds fun. sad that is the first thing i took away from this post. good friends are the best!

    1. It was so fun. And yes, good friends really are the best.

  3. Molly Kate is a cutie and so are all your friends. I want candy bar and Dash.

    Talk to you soooooon

  4. Cinnamon sprinkled orange? Yum-o! Jealous of your DASH visit, though not so much after the T-shirt pricing. Did you get a bottle of water with the sisters' faces on it? Oh and Dylan's. I dream of Dylan's at night.

    1. 2.5 weeks and Dylan's is yours. 2.5 weeks!!!!!

  5. haha - you know i would!!! so so proud. and tequila with cinnamon and an orange - this intrigues me. i feel like we should try this out together.

    1. Ummm... yes we totally should.

      Sooner than later.

      And then eat some hotdogs.

  6. Oh, love this.

    Love all the things you did together and just all around love good friends.

    i need a fun tequila night too one of these days. i can't even remember the last time i had a night with that old friend (it's been a loooooong time). i'll probably just hop on the bolt bus one weekend in spring and join you and colleen. the hot dog talk spoke to me and i want in.


  7. the McGowins from Troy? i remember them from FBC Troy college sunday school! i didn't know them that well, though, but sounds like a fun visit! i wish i could come back and shop and shop and shop with you! matt wasn't really up for that when we were there! ha!

    1. Those are the ones! Small world. Come back anytime and we'll shop all you want.


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