Friday, February 10, 2012

a birthday trip for a friend // Ohio, No. 1

We had our trip planned since early November.
It was simple: fly to Ohio to surprise Candis for her birthday.
Elizabeth deciding to join me was icing on the ole proverbial cake.
We got the okay from Candis' fella, Drew, bought our tickets and made a little video for Candis to watch on her actual birthday announcing that we'd be showing up on her doorstep in early February come hell or high water.

And that's how I found myself sitting on the much coveted loveseat in the Jones' beautiful Ohio home.

Greetings in chalk made me pinch myself. Is this for real?!

Group shot.

And another.

The handsome young men.

Catching up on life with my pal Westley.

Impressive pea eating skill.

Everett being adorable, per usual.

Black and White cookies, a fast-growing tradition.

I have beautiful friends, that's all there is to it.

It's true, Drew. Don't doubt it.

Sweet father and son.

A happy colored laundry basket of baby things.

When I planned this trip, I thought I was just doing it for Candis. 
Don't get me wrong, I knew I'd love every second, but I had no idea then just how badly I would need this trip, too.
I wanted to show my friends how loved and valued and important they are.
You know what they did? They showed me those same beautiful things in return.

We acted like girls and cried and laughed and ate chocolate.
It was all very needed and very good.
Thank goodness for the kindness of friends.  

More Ohio pictures coming next week... that's what happens when you get a bunch of camera happy people together...
a shatload of pictures.

And now? Happy Weekending.


  1. Come visit me with one of those delicous looking cookies, please!

    1. I can't wait for a Nashville trip to see you and Bob and that sweet baby! And I will most definitely bring some b&w's!

  2. i love this. what an awesome way to surprise her. y'all looks great.

  3. It's really amazing how blogging can connect people from different parts of the country and form true friendships like the ones you have here. I actually found your blog through ladylee's over the summer! Thank you for sharing your fun vacation with us!

    1. Thanks for saying hello! I agree- such a cool aspect of blogging- creating real friendships with some amazing women I may never have met otherwise. I'm so glad you read ladylee... she's the real deal.

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time. They seem like some pretty amazing girls!

  5. I can only imagine the fun you three...

    (6 if you could the boys, 7 if you also include scout, who I am sure was over the moon!)

    ...had catching up, laughing, and falling over with joy to be in the same place again. It looks fabulous!

  6. Molly this looks like the perfect time. I love Candis' home and the way you all look so happy to be together.

    You are all beautiful. Inside and out.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I am going to spend the morning researching flights to NYC and figuring out how I can sell enough necklaces to pay our way.

    Best bday gift eva.

    I miss you and wish you were here right now eating rolo's for breakfast and watching Downton Abbey.


  8. Shatload.

    I read this in the middle of the night (and it was good then), but I had to come back and write that down again for myself.

    Good one, Molly :)

  9. So sweet. Glad you had such a great time! xo

  10. What an awesome surprise, Candis is a lucky lady! As are you and E for getting to have such a great girls weekend, with a bit of boy thrown in too :) I bet the little boys were happy to see each other again. "Hey buddy! Looking chunkier! How're solids treating ya?"

    1. Ha! Exactly. I felt like those sweet boys had grown so much in just a few short months.

  11. I love that picture of all you girls together in the mirror and you're smiling at Everett - So cute!

  12. This is a happy post and I loved reading it. Except the shatload part. But other than that, love.

  13. all these pictures so are great.....especially the first one of you one the couch sippin a bruskey. cute cute.


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