Thursday, January 26, 2012

a walk on a snowy January eve

It's raining now as I write these words... last weekend's snow long since washed away.
For a fleeting moment, New York City remembered that it was winter and brought us a nice blanket of the magical whiteness.

This was the view out our window.

It didn't take long for us to don our respective Bean Boots and strike out for a winter's eve walk.

These doors in our 'hood have begged me to take their picture for over a year now.
This night seemed like the right time. I love the reflection of the snow on the car.

We found ourselves at the East River.

These classic striped smokestacks are directly across the river from J's hospital.
I like them. They remind me of a painting by the talented Drew Jones.

We weren't the only ones out enjoying the cold night air and I liked that.

The lamp post cast such a dreamy glow, I couldn't help but think of Narnia.

Evidence of a sneaky snowangel.


And now, for a tale about a tree.

When we first moved to Manhattan,
some friends from church told us about the park shown above that's really close to our house.
I won't ever forget their words... one of New York's best kept secrets.
They were totally right.
We have spent many an hour there... introducing Southern family and friends to green pasture in The Big City,
taking leisurely strolls, sitting on our bench while J practiced GRE vocabulary.
Safe to say, we love this place.

You can imagine how jazzed I was when I learned our little park had it's very own Christmas tree complete with a Community Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration! And hot chocolate! And carollers!

You can also imagine how bummed I was when our schedule had us elsewhere on the night of The Glorious Event.
But I got over it with a note to self: maybe next year.

And then...

After I'd made my peace with missing her, there she stood.
Snow-covered and beautiful and still very much proud in mid-January.

I got to see her at long last with no other soul around but my man and me.

I dare say it was better than being there with swarms of neighbors... even if we did miss the hot chocolate.

I do believe that night in the park was one of my favorite New York moments yet.

Yes, it absolutely was.


  1. new york sure is magical sometimes. heart this post.

  2. That makes me so happy that she was still there! For YOU! What a sweet walk. You know what is funny, the moment I saw those smokestacks I thought...hey that looks like a Drew Jones. And then you said it. :)


  3. How very magical indeed. I'm glad you had that moment.

  4. Your secret park sounds so magical. And that lamp post was definitely Narnia-ish!

  5. love all the snowy pics!! and how cool that the tree was still decorated! i'm a little jealous, even though i'm freezing just reading this post! ha

  6. This is so beautiful. It made me feel warm inside even though you were amidst the cold of winter. Warm and cozy.

    So lovely, dear Molly. Love how you have moments like this one and appreciate them to the fullest.

  7. bean boots! *high five* i can't believe the tree is still lit. weird.

  8. I immediately thought of Drew's painting when I saw those smokestacks! And when I saw them driving home from fairfield a few weeks ago. His art is good. It makes you remember.


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