Wednesday, January 11, 2012

things that make me human... or just weird

My hair has never been this long before... I think it deserves some recognition and laud.

I unpack my suitcase the second I walk in the door.

When I am checking out at the grocery store, I load my goods onto the belt a certain way. Cold things together. Canned goods together. Fresh produce together. You won't catch toothpaste floating around with the lettuce. That's just not right.

I sort the laundry before I fold it. J's t-shirts in a pile. My pajamas. Towels. Then I fold and it's already sorted and ready to put away. I  save the socks for last. My favorite things to fold are Justin's scrubs.

I wash dishes as I cook.

I stress out over little things and want to take steps to not.

My days and nights are totally messed up... like a newborn babe. Only I am not newly born.

Chipped finger nail polish is enough to make me sweat (see stressing over little things).

Speaking of, I am a sweater. Thus, I adore cold weather. I feel like my best self then.

And lastly, I have been caught trying to make up the bed while Justin is still asleep in said bed. He says I was trying to make it up, I say I was just straightening. Either way, busted.

It's not always red lips and warby parkers and bright and shiny over here in blogland, guys.
We are real people and we are weird.

Or maybe just human.


  1. My husband is the unpacker in our family. If (IF) I do get around to it, I just dump it all in the dirty clothes.

    I organize my groceries on the belt too!!

    Chipped finger nails are the reason I can't paint my nails. Toes don't chip as easy, so they are always polished. :)

  2. I don't feel like you're weird. Maybe because we are a lot alike and then that would make me weird too. Either way, I guess I'm okay with it!

    I adore folding laundry. And unpacking my suitcase. And the bed!! The bed must be made!

    I like how you clean as you go in the kitchen. I need to do that more.

    Chipped nails? Yick.

    I've been sweating in my sleep the past couple of nights too, which is totally weird. It almost makes me want the cold and snow to come.


    I liked this post! Keeping' it real up in here.

  3. best title for a post ever.

    i also unpack when i get in, unless it's a red-eye/late flight.

    i also wash as i cook, it's best to keep the kitchen clean as you. and anything leftover is for him to clean :)

    you probably hate look at my chipped nails all the time. sorry about that.

    and i'm glad you're human like the rest of us. a human with a kick-ass pair of red lips.

  4. I love how most of the things that make you "weird" are actually traits I wish I had (well, maybe not the sweating- which I already "suffer" from as well)... But cleaning up while cooking? Sheesh, it looks like a bomb went off when I cook dinner. My suitcase stays unpacked for about 3 weeks when I get home from a trip and I get pissed at myself every time I look at it.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful weirdness ;)

  5. I also sort my groceries on the belt the exact same way. And when you figure out some good steps to take to prevent stressing out over little things, let me know. My husband would thank you.

  6. I was just about to Tweet that wearing a bit of make up makes me feel more human...and then I saw your post! Great minds, lady. I am jealous of your suitcase unpacking ability. We created a rule recently that the suitcases have to stay in the living room until they are unpacked, which forces us to trip over them...
    inspiration? Not so much. We just dress in the living room for 5 days.

    I've missed you!

  7. I love more insights into Molly. Thanks! :)

  8. I identify with so many of these things! Especially stressing over little things and love of cold weather (I actually can't feel my fingers as I type because I refuse to turn my heater on because then I might not be able to cuddle under the blanket on my couch here, haha)

  9. I do the same with the groceries.

    Now I'm off to put on my red lips and eat bon bons.

  10. Seriously, are you my sista from another motha?!? Unpacking same. Grocery same. laundry same. Will says that I wait on him and the girls to take off clothes so I can wash them. I need to relax more. I think if we had ever been roomies, we would have gotten a whole lot done (FAST) and would have had a whole lot of time to relax. ha!!

  11. I "straighten" my kids beds after they fall asleep! Yes, I am weird. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Minus the sweating situation, I have all the same weird (or human) issues. Two peas in a pod! XOXO.

  13. i clean as i go too! so much better than leaving it all go. those veggies can sautee themselves, dammit!

    but, guilty... i unpack my suitcase... oooh, 3 weeks after i'm home from the trip.

  14. ha ha ha ---- making up the bed with Justin IN IT. Sounds like something my grandmother would have done. She was compulsive about bed making.

  15. ha! i do most of these things too...except making the bed and the cold weather thing! you know i like my 70 degrees!
    and, my hair is the longest it has been too...haven't had it cut in 9 months! craziness.

  16. I totally sort laundry into piles before folding too!

  17. "I am a sweater" brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard. All I could think about was our time in Milledgeville. Oh my!

    Glad to know your days and nights are still messed up. I don't think mine will ever be the same. Thankfully, I had you to share those messed up, peaceful, special moments with. Me, you and the sweet brothers, of course.

    I love you Molly B!

  18. New follower...and let me just say, you are NOT weird. Or else I am too.
    She who unpacks immediately, cleans as she goes, hates (realllly hates) chipped polish AND organizes everything in neat little sections while checking out.


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