Friday, January 27, 2012

rainy friday at random

I've been using these two books as motivation.
Get some things knocked off my eternal to-do list and these are my reward.
I think it's going to happen this weekend, I really do.

I barely turned the first couple pages just to peek and I was hooked already.

I've been gathering supplies to do my version of project life.
I know a bunch of people started their projects January 1, but I didn't and that's okay.
The main thing is I am excited to get creative with documenting our days using paper and glue and, fingers crossed...
some glittah.

And then this happened. My dang pages are bigger than my binder.
But I measured! And triple checked! my inner perfectionist screams.
Let it go, says my new mantra to not sweat the small stuff.
See it as a challenge to get creative. Find a way to make it work. You got this. Don't ruin the fun.

This lovely white stack?
Christmas gifts. From 20'leven.
I have never in all my life been so late in gift-giving.
Sigh. Maybe my friends will be excited to get a mid-February gift.

Hands down one of the best cards I've ever received.
From a friend who reads my words all the way in Portland.
It makes me so happy, I think I'm gonna frame it.

And lastly, the sofa I fell in love with, but alas, did not buy.

I hope you have a great weekend, friends.
Even if it's rainy, make it a good one.


  1. That is some good reading you have there friend. It will be exciting to watch your home slowly transform into a place you call your own.

    And that card really is fantastic. It screams to be framed. Perhaps with a thick gold gilt ornate, or maybe something skinny and simple. But either way it belongs near jewelry or makeup or other getting ready to go out things.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love everything about that Billy Baldwin print/quote! The words! The black and white! AH!

    Decorating a home is so much fun - I like for people to be able to walk into my apartment and immediately get an idea of who i am by what they see (right now it screams: small-time hoarder who likes wine, colorful scarves and has an apparent obsession with leaving her Christmas twinkle lights up for extended periods of time).

    So happy you liked the card! Have a beautiful weekend Lady Rigo!

  3. you have the book design sponge at home, me too! got it for christmas, love it!!

  4. I can't wait to see what couch you got. Those books look like fun. I can't believe you will be sitting in my living room this time next week.

  5. tina has the imperfect home book too. i can't wait to see what you do with your new place!

  6. Oh I have the Imperfectly Perfect Home book and I have been dying to get into it! I'm hoping for lots of good inspiration.

  7. Beautiful book - Imperfectly Perfect!


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