Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYC is good for this

One thing that New York has made good on is bringing friends from near and far to visit.
Meet Myra, one of my pals from grad school.

Myra and her fella & some of their friends made the trip from D.C. recently for a quick NYC getaway.
We meet for dinner at the infamous Katz's Deli.
I couldn't help but keep an eye on the lady sitting in Meg Ryan's seat.


Just before the holidays, I got to meet Carrie & Matt downtown for a little bit of Christmas-in-the-city sightseeing.
Justin and I both went to college with Matt & Carrie, but it was through blogland that Carrie and I reconnected.
Such a small world, but such a great day with old/new friends.


And now, please meet my newest friend, Anna.
Anna writes a lovely blog called Dear Friend that will make you want to reach through the computer and hug her.

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna and her sweet sister Meg for a day out on the town.
We shopped Fish's Eddy, dined at Eataly and bonded over our shared love of Anthro bowls.
I am so glad I finally got to hug her in person.

That's another one in your favor, New York.
You bring friends to see us and we are grateful.


  1. i need, need, to get to katz's. stat. gosh nyc is so much fun.

  2. Myra looks so familiar! Hmm.

    I hope you're getting excited for Columbus, because we are!

  3. I love that once you've gone to grad school you can drop it into conversation like that. So cool. I do it up to 8 times per day.

    So cool that you were at Katz's.

    Are there any bloggers you're NOT friends with?

  4. Yay! We met! And we hugged!!!

    I'm coming back, you know. Sooner, rather than later. This friendship thing is just too good.


  5. sitting, waiting, eager to come visit you again. exploring Boston was too fun not to explore NYC together!!

  6. sooo loved our time together...and that b&w cookie! thanks again so much, friend!

  7. i love this! and i love anna. how fun is this. i love it. next up... i am coming to visit!!!

  8. Colleen- Agreed, as always.

    E- You know what, that's pretty freaky about Myra because your voices sound so similar to me on the phone. Columbus. Yes! Can we go tomorrow?

    lady lee- I love you back.

    Erin- You kill me, smalls. Nothing new.

  9. Anna- Yay! Music to my ears. We'll be making an appearance in Boston, too, friend!

    Shannon- Sounds awesome!

    Carrie- My pleasure. Next time, Justin will pout if he doesn't get to see you both.

    wishful nals- What, what! I would looove that.

  10. B and I also have college friends named Matt and Carrie. Same same I tell you.


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