Monday, January 9, 2012

how we celebrated No. 5

We kicked the weekend off with a little takout.

Followed by getting dolled up for a date on the town.
I felt pretty and I'm usually a brutal critic on myself, so feeling pretty on our big date was a gift.

Our attempt at taking a picture of ourselves in the mirror was a circus.
I was snapping my fingers, No, look up here, not there!
Justin: Did you just snap your fingers at me like a Sears kids' photographer?

We gave up and got our doorman to take a picture.

Late night dessert... and proof we earned the following card from our friend Amber...

Funny Anniversary Ecard: Happy anniversary to a couple who almost never make me physically ill
Amber's message to us:
 Love you guys and thank you for not sitting on the same side of a booth at a restaurant
when it is only you two.

Brunch on Saturday... we believe in extending celebrations as long as possible.
Heavens yes... bleu cheese and gruyère omelet at Brasserie Julien.
After brunch, we promptly came home and got in an argument.
Just keeping it real, folks.

But we didn't stay mad long and we made up and watched some Friday Night Lights on netflix.

We think it's pretty cool that we've celebrated two consecutive anniversaries in New York.
I think it's pretty cool that I married by best friend, that we can fight and still love each other in the process.

I'm not perfect and he's not either, but I wouldn't want to do this life with anyone else.
And to know that we don't make our friends vomit? Icing on the cake.


  1. 1) Your hair looks ah-mazing
    2) That bleu cheese & gruyere omelette is singing to my soul
    3) You guys make my heart smile and I love seeing how much you love each other!

    And of course, thank you for keeping the adorability completely vomit-free... Rigos rocks!

  2. you guys are so cute together. love the hair, and love the dessert form big daddy's (i think). and i love the half and half pizza, b and i do that too! p.s. i have started watching friday night lights because you kept tweeting about it aaaaaaaaand...i'm hooked.

  3. 1. I agree about your hair! You looked so pretty, and I don't think I've ever seen it that long before. 2. J always knows the perfect thing to say. 3. You gotta love getting in an argument after your romantic night out. That's life. So glad you made up and so glad you're married.

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You did look beautiful, as always! I love the self portrait and justins comment. You both always make me laugh. It looks like you had an amazing night. Thanks for sharing your fight. It is so true, our marriages are not perfect, BUT you do have one fantastic husband and he has one wonderful wife! I love you both so much!!!
    Happy five years!

  5. what a fun celebration! you look GORGEOUS, and i was entertained by the self pics (and J's comment, of course). again, Happy 5 years!

    (and I've got an email to respond to . . . :))

  6. You guys are so cute, and I'm VERY happy to hear that you felt pretty! You are, after all, pretty, and we girls are so incredibly hard on ourselves all the time!

    We celebrated out 2nd anniversary (not of marriage, though) last week and did so with chicken wings, wine and the season premier of The Bachelor. It sounds lame, but after the holidays we needed low key. And it made me so thankful to have a man who will watch The Bachelor with me. :-)

  7. A perfect celebration! I love how you admitted you came home and got in a fight... it is wonderful that being married to your best friend means that we can fight and love through it all!

  8. You are so BEAUTIFUL. Love this lovelovelovelovelovelovelove it. Want that friggen gruyere omelet so bad. and the pizza.

    congrats to you two!!! I love you both!!!

  9. Congrats to you two kool kats! Just go with it...

  10. happy anniversary to you two! we are very thankful to call you our friends. you look so lovely in your pictures and i would go to great lengths to have a date night in NYC so i really enjoy living vicariously through you.

    love you!

  11. um, hi. i love you and that you say heeeey girl. and i'm such a huge critic of myself, it's awful. 2012 will be the year of being nicer to ourselves! :)

    ps. i am so exciteeeeed that you are staying in nyc? does this mean i can come visit for the day? and we can go eating throughout town - including lots of cupcakes?

  12. Hey girl...

    You look so so pretty.

    Glad your anniversary weekend was so lovely, mini-fight and all.

    P.S. when you come to Boston can we go out to dinner and sit next to each other and hold hands? Say yes, please.


  13. Thanks, all, for your kind words and well wishes! xoxo

    Colleen- You had better watch out... that show is like crack.

    Vanessa- Sounds like you've got quite a keeper! I love low-key nights in, too.

    lady lee- I will take you for an omelet when you and drewjones and W come visit.

  14. B- I'm going with it. Sounds real 70s... I can be down with that.

    wishful nals- Your comments always make me so happy! Yes, we are staying and yes! you'd better come! Here's to being nice to ourselves as you said. :)

    Anna- Yesss!

  15. You do look absolutely beautiful in this post. I love how weekends that we want to be perfect are the ones that usually end up with a row. But at least the make up was good.

    Happy 5 years. Looking forward to watching you two celebrate at least 50 more!

  16. Happy five years! You two are so sweet, and you did (do) look completely gorgeous, glowing, in fact!

  17. Hello! I just found your blog today and I'm a new follower. :) Y'all seem really sweet. Happy 5 Years! :)

  18. Shannon + WhitMc- Why, thanks, ladies!

    Mrs. Robinson- Welcome! My mother's maiden name is Robinson, so seeing your comment made me smile!


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