Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home for Christmas

Christmas 2011 has long since passed us, I know, but here are some of my favorite memories...

This guy was boarding a train with a Christmas tree on December 22. That's the spirit.

dad's homemade biscuits + breakfast at home, one of my very favorite things

hanging with Buster Pete + breaking in some new playdoh

gifting some special littles with famed FAO surprises

quality time with some of the best women I know

Nana's chocolate pie, heaven help us

Christmas in my parents' living room

loving my mom's face when she opened this gift from me + we love PW and Charlie, too

and lastly, stockings + you can't have Christmas without them

other 2011 highlights
Christmas lunch with J's mom + playing with my cousin's three littles +
sleeping in my childhood bedroom + Dad busting me with Christmas Eve Gift big time

I always wish for more time with those we love so much, but what we did have was quite merry.


  1. So happy you and J were able to spend some Christmas times with the ones you love the most. That chocolate pie makes me want to lick my computer screen.
    ps. you look super cute in that green top with headband sitting on the floor between your dad and the tree.

  2. those biscuits! that pie! wow wow wow. love these photos. and that guy boarding the train with the tree. so many characters in this city.

  3. Those biscuits and that pie looked amazing. I loved your green headband and the lovely picture of you with your mama and grandmothers. I love Christmas traditions.

  4. Wow, the people in the top photo need to stop looking so happy. Seriously.

    Also, your dad needs to send me some biscuits. They look like Heaven.

  5. when you take pictures of random strangers (guy with tree pic), do you do it sneakily or just bust out the ol' camera or phone? just wondering.
    also any chocolate pie left? yum!

  6. this is lookin' lovely. chocolate pie! do you know i've never had such a thing. but i wanna try. even after watching the help where minny actually shat in one. i still want it. maybe not THAT one. but i'll gladly try your g-mas.




  8. i am so glad my sweet boy made a list of the favs. He loved seeing his aunt molly and uncle J. He "loves to cut things" you know : ) !

    I was so glad to see you both while here! I love you and miss you ohhhh so much!

  9. Family & Biscuits & Chocolate Pie- Oh my ;)

    This looks like a looovely Christmas. Glad that you got to enjoy some family time.

  10. Your Christmas sounds so lovely :)

  11. Nessa- I try be stealthy when we are in such close proximity like we were with Christmas Tree Joe, but most of the time, I try to use my camera like an extension of my right hand... often + proud. :)

  12. I want that entire skillet of biscuits and I want to smother it with either a) honey butter or b) sausage gravy.

    Maybe half and half, get the best of both worlds.

    Homemade biscuits are heaven.

  13. Got the recipe for your Nana's choc. pie??? This pregnant lady wants some!!

  14. Sarah Grace- I'll see what I can do!

  15. Happy belated Christmas. Yours looks just perfect and so cozy. I am so glad you and J got to go home! I want to go hang in your parents living room. And eat your dad's biscuits for breakfast.


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