Thursday, January 12, 2012

hello, 2012 + a note to myself

Why, hello there, 2012.
You've not quite been around 2 full weeks, but you are certainly making your presence known.
I feel like I've barely slowed down to enjoy you since you've been here.
Granted, you've already delivered us a nice celebration:
the happy No. 5 with my man and for that, I am thankful.

Since I haven't had a chance to write this down anywhere else, I suppose here is as good a place as any.
Some of the things I'd like to accomplish within your lovely months...

buy a new sofa
preferably one that is not microsuede or buttercream or owned by corporate housing

because I want to, not because I feel like I should
because actually writing makes me feel like I am creating something that otherwise wouldn't exist
and it makes me feel accomplished giddy empowered in a way I've never experienced before

because I want to, not because I feel like I should

document life in hard copy
I'm thinking something like this

move more, eat less
yeah. just do the damn thing.

invest in friendships
old ones, new ones, near ones, far ones

hear more live music
 2011 provided some, but give me more please

make the perfect over-easy egg
it's J's favorite, after all

visit Boston
a belated anniversary trip

And finally a note to my own self...

dear molly,
Relax, sister. You will find the perfect couch and it won't be microsuede! Yay!
So what if life seems a little crazy right now? You've known crazy before and you can handle this.
You've got a real good man, the best man, by your side with a supportive family on top.
A year from now you won't remember the little things that stress you out, so why let them take up precious time now?
Do life well. Live it well. Enjoy it well. 
You are your own harshest critic and it's time to lighten up.
Now, go forth and embrace 2012. And may microsuede burn in hades.


  1. beautiful. refreshing. perfect.

    love you and your hopes for 2012

  2. I love this note to yourself. I think we all need to relax and give ourselves the same permissions.

    To sum it all up: you rock.

  3. i second your note to yourself. and i can't wait to see that couch.

  4. LOVE!!! such a wonderful post as always. IT has been a busy 2012 for us too ( all ready ).

  5. Praying all goes smoothly in the transition to making NYC home and I LOVE the recording life in hard copy! That was really great.

  6. Good list you've made! And your note to self is spot-on.

  7. All your resolutions are great. It's important to write them down, I agree. Mine are reeling in my mind, but haven't been written out anywhere yet. I've never been good at keeping them to be perfectly truthful.

    My fingers are crossed for you and your new couch. Micro-suede, be gone!!

  8. Amen. Love your goals for 2012. Lots of writing involving but thankfully you're a good writer.

  9. oh, please tell me your going to try to do project life... or something close to it. i ordered mine yesterday from amazon. elise's opening week sucked me in. thank you for your comment the other day on my waiting post... know that i am praying and thinking for you as i walk this journey myself. love you friend.

  10. Molly - you make me laugh. microsuede - yuck. why does it exist?!

    good goals!


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