Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first post of 2012 // ringing in the new year

Justin had to work on the eve of the new year, but thankfully,
I had some girlfriends who were happy to have a low-key girls' night in.

I sent out a last minute invite and the girls did not disappoint.
Saucy red lips and sparkly nails and some of the prettiest lacey tights you ever did see arrived for our little fĂȘte.

We blew out candles on crackbrownies because it seemed like the celebratory thing to do.

 We popped the bubbly and toasted one another a lovely good year as the midnight hour chimed.

Low-key nights can make some of the very best celebrations, I am convinced.

I have loved the friendships, the creative outlet and the consistency my little blog brought me in 2011,
and I very much look forward to all that 2012 holds for me here in blogland.

Come back soon for some b i g news!


  1. Looks perfect Molly! And even though husband had to work, that's what instant replays are for :)

    Thanks for being one of my favorite blogs and more importantly, one of my favorite new people - hugs all the way from Portland to you!

    (And can't wait for the big news! I'll be right here on the edge of my seat!)

  2. oh i am jealous of this! fiercely jealous! look at you and tina living it up. also, everyone loved my disco nail this weekend. all thanks to you molly :) something tells me we'll be getting together very soon.

  3. Happy New Year pretty lady!!!! I am so glad we were able to hang out with you both when you were in town. I know you both are busy when you hit the alabama state line but i am so thankful and honored that our home is on your places to visit while you are in town. I feel loved and want you to know that you are so very much loved and missed. We need to make those travel plans soon!!!!

  4. Big news! I'll definitely be back. And I think I remember crackbrownies.

  5. what a wonderful way to bring in the new year. i always stay in on new years. its just better that way!
    can't wait for your big news!

  6. big news? big news? what? about to pee my pants with excitement.

    and you night with the gals looks like a fabulous time!

  7. This sounds like a perfect NYE party! Your invite was super cute, too!

  8. so perfect. wish I was there with you!!! NYE in NYC with girlfriends and lacy tights. So sex in the city magical.

  9. My friend calls them CRACK brownies, too hahaha!
    Found your blog through Anna's "Dear Friend"! Happy New Year!

  10. LOVE this little gathering. Looks amazing! Can't wait for the big news... please don't make us wait to long! XOXO

  11. Can we please be girlfriends? I want a low key night in with good conversation and crack brownies :)

    Your invite was so adorable.

    Waiting on pins and needles for your big news!

  12. i maaay have been in bed by 10 on new years eve.


  13. Happy New Year! It looks just perfect. And hopefully Justin's night went smoothly as well...NYE in NY, I can just imagine the emergency possibilities


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