Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big News! Come and get it...

We didn't find a million dollars in the floorboard of our cab.

We aren't having a baby.

We didn't buy a puppy.


Justin and I moved to New York one year ago today... January 3, 2011...
with a traveling job that was suppose to be a temporary gig.

But something happened. We fell in love with this big city.

And one year later, we've decided to make it home. Our home.

While this transition is exciting, it's also crazy stressful.
I suppose that's why I still have Christmas presents to wrap and
why my nerves have been tap dancing in my stomach like nobody's business.

But we're almost there.
Just a little more paperwork, just a few more dollars and we'll be able to say,

Hello, New York City.

Hello, Home.


  1. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!! It must be wonderful to feel at HOME! I look forward to that moment for me and the Hubs. If you don't mind me asking: are yall gonna stay in your current place or are you going to buy a place? Now you have to bring all that stuff up from storage in Alabama!!

  2. chills.

    Congratulations, not surprised at all that they would want J for keeps at the hospital.

  3. YAY!!! More visits to see you are in our future.

    So very happy for you guys!

  4. Mrs. Kee- It is such a nice feeling. Your time will come, too. :) We are still ironing out all the details, so I'll share those when we know for sure.

    Candis- What kind words. Thank you, friend.

    Anna + Michelle- Thank you, thank you!

  5. yay!yay!yay! so happy for ya'll. maybe one day we can visit again!

  6. i knew this post was going to be about this. probably because i already knew. and i love that this photo is of you two in molly's.

    let me know if you need any help. i wish i had asked for more when moving in nyc. i know you live here already and everything, but still. just ask.

  7. Soooo exciting! Congratulations on following your dreams (:

  8. Carrie- Yes!

    Colleen- Thank you, friend. You are such an encouragement.

    Brhea- Dreams followed for real. :)

  9. how awesome, new york is one of my favorite places..congrats on making it your home!

  10. So excited for you guys! NYC is one of my favorite places (lots of special memories) so I am sure we will be together again soon! Congrats!

  11. yahoo yahoo! you know i'm lovin this.

  12. This is SO exciting, Molly! I am very happy for you & Justin.

    John David talks a lot about landmarks these days. Which shall be our first road trip . . . hummm . . . Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty?

    I'm thinking the latter :)

  13. k8te- Thank you so much. I can understand why it's one of your favorite places!

    Deanna- So many good memories, for real.

    Bridget- Now we just hafta get E+Mike to the Northeast, yes?

    ourvapor- Yesss! John David will have his two very own tour guides. :) Thank you for your sweet words, friend.

  14. Yay!!!! That is so exciting! I think that might put me closer to a NYC meeting rather than at TJ! :)

  15. That is WONDERFUL! That's kinda how Portland was for me... I came here on a whim, meant to stay a year and now I'm coming up on 3.5!

    When you're home you just know :)

  16. woooooohooooo!! that's super exciting news!!

  17. kkd- That would be awesome! But Alabama will always be home, you know. :)

    laurenjeanallece- True words, sister.

    black tag diaries- Thanks friend! We neeeed a date! And please bring Allie C!

  18. Congrats, congrats, congrats! Oh, so very excited for you! Your fondness for NYC shows right through on your blog, in your writing and when you talk about your big apple adventures. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition to staying!!!

  19. That is SO exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

  20. So, I'm excited for fun dreams and living in exciting places with your hubby but sad for myself in sweet home Alabama without you. :):(

  21. That's exciting! Congrats on deciding to make it your home!

  22. The South will miss y'all, but I'm excited to find a time to visit!

  23. Another point for New York. Why would anyone ever want to leave? I doubt I will... :-)

  24. How cool! Congrats and best wishes with maiking it all official! So neat! jmg

  25. Molls,
    Wow! Now that is some kind of news! I know you're excited to find a place to settle for a while and it seems like you've made such great friends there! I do hope we can come up sometime (perhaps in the not so chilly months) and experience The City with you both! Congratulations!
    Love you,

  26. Woah! That's a big, exciting deal.

  27. Ah, congrats! That's pretty cool. Art did apply to Columbia!...

  28. Congrats!! Big city lady!!!! Now I have to come visit! You are so fancy, New York is lucky to have you.


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