Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kind of perfect

A version of Christmas morning has transpired since we last talked.
So much that I could not even wait until I had good lighting to show you the results.

In our NYC corporate apartment we have an abundance of white walls and a deficit of doors.
The only door we have other than the front door is the one you see. The door to the not very large bath.
The only place for guests to have any amount of privacy to change is within the not very large space.
We do have a nice walkway to the bath with a closet on the left and dresser on the right.
Visions of hanging a curtain here have danced in my head and probably in the head of every guest we've ever hosted.

Today I found this cloth shower curtain at Target and fell in love instantly.
The soft hue of chartreuse was sure to compliment our shams.
J didn't care for the pattern.
I think he would have chosen a simple white because we need more white and called it a day.

He had a change of heart.
The simple white was $24.99 and The Curtain of My Dreams was $5.06.
You must understand this is the opposite of what usually happens to me.
I like it and it immediately increases from $5 to $5000.
Not today.

Private area for changing? Pretty feminine pattern mixing muted aqua, pale pink, charcoal and chartreuse?
Done and done.

Merry Christmas in July, indeed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Very Pinteresting

This past week has been a busy one for us here at The Rigoloso abode.
We've worked hard and played hard.
There have been tests and celebrations and visits with friends.

Now I am feeling the need to retreat. To restore my energy. To regain my focus. To rest.

A call to all things rustic and comfortable and known.

To start my mornings with good hot coffee, warm sunlight and cool breezes welcoming the new day.

We'd have friends over to our charming little cabin and I'd wear these shoes because who says you can't feel sassy even in the woods?

We would dine here on the porch.
Laughter and safe comfort of being surrounded by those who know and love you best would reign.

As would these delicious sammies...

and cherry pie.

And yet and still, there would be time to rest here.
To soak it all in.
Life. Friends. Family.

After all, you only live once and I don't want to miss a beat.

I'm sharing my pins with the lovely Michelle at The Vintage Apple. Follow all my boards here.
You only live once, friends. How do you want to live it?

canoe / canoe bay
coffee / blair masri
cherry pie / Smitten Kitchen
hammock / IMGfav, please share if you know original source
message / Happy Things tumblr, please share if you know original source

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our fancy night at The Carlyle

As promised, here are some of the highlights of our fancy schmancy dinner out on the town.
Something about a little black dress and jewels and heels that makes me feel like a true Jackie O.

The Mejia's were our dinner companions. Such a lovely pair.

J's appetizer / beautiful charger / my crème brûlée 

I could have lived in the old Hollywood glam lobby

J & Rafael inquired about The Carlyle's hotel rates.
The classic (lowest tier) could be ours for $1000 a night with the highest tier topping out at $15,000.
Pocket change, really.

My favorite part of the evening. I get to keep him.

Apparently, I was a bit like Jackie O. for the night after all.
Seems the Kennedy's would have approved of our restaurant choice.

Now, I'm off to book a room.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in review and a question

Last week, if you recall, I gave you our week at a glance.
Here are the results.
At the very end I have a question for you....
I started out the week with a movie at Sunshine theatre with my pal Amber.

Love Etc. melted my heart. I knew it would. The older couple was my favorite.
If it comes to your city, I would totally recommend it.

We had dinner at Peels. You should go there, too. Get the watermelon gimlet.
You are welcome.

Justin passed his big fat GRE! He met his goal and thus, we celebrated.
Dinner at Pulino's and music at Rockwood. So very, very proud of that man.

Sometimes it's helpful to know where you are. Especially when your mind is tired of thinking.

Our pal Myra and her man Matt were in the Big Apple for a wedding.
Myra is from Mississippi. I met her in Alabama.
Now she lives in Georgia and she just got back from Turkey. Talk about a traveller.
It was so nice to see a familiar Southern face.
I joined Sarah Beth at Café Lalo. Her London departure will be here all too soon. 
We had a grand ole time at The Carlyle. Pictures tomorrow, friends.

Now riddle me this, if I were going to spend the night at The Carlyle Hotel, how much would I pay per night?

Justin and Rafael inquired and now we know.
You could google it, I'm sure, but what's the fun in that?
Guess away, friends.

I'll be back tomorrow with the details and some pretty pics, too.

Happy Monday.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday musings

It was only fitting that my Nana gave me my very first sewing machine.
She made every Sunday dress I wore for the entire length of my childhood.
I have fond memories of her making all manner of things including Christmas gifts her friends.
One year it was a whimsical toilet seat cover with Santa Claus on the lid shielding his eyes from such unmentionable bathroom talk.
I'd like to think her gift giving nature and creativity overflowed a bit into me.

Circa 2008. Toddler & Senior Portraits of yours truly, added bonus.

Speaking of all things domestic, I miss sewing and working craftily with my hands.
Traveling about this broad earth does not allow the easy transportation of a sewing machine.
Not to mention all the accoutrements.

I suppose I am feeling a bit of angst over my lack of sewing supplies because my sweet friend Val is having a baby!
I will find a way to craft something for Baby S, with or without my sewing machine. I must and I shall.

Tonight, however, there will be no sewing.
Only celebrating with my pal Sarah Beth one last time before she sails across the pond to her new home. In London.

Last night was our fancy date night at The Carlyle.
I have not forgotten your request for pics, friends. Come back next week for all the pretty details.

In my spare time, I'll be figuring out a way to craft a gift for Baby S.
Perhaps I should consider the Santa Claus toilet seat cover. What every baby wants, right?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Very Pinteresting

I just thought Alabama was the only ridiculously hot state.
New York has wholly thrown itself into the running.
It's safe to say I am dreaming of crystal clear waters, white sand and ice cold concoctions...
I think I could cool off quite nicely here

And then spend a few days there

Chilled pink lemonade in hand

Sporting this cute little coverup slash dress

Storing all my summertime essentials in this stylish Kate tote 

I'll be sharing my pins with the lovely Michelle at The Vintage Apple.
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Now I'm off to pour myself a nice cold glass of pink lemonade. I'll save one for you.

huts / vintage urban grace, original source unknown
lemonade / Beth Retro
tote / Kate Spade

Monday, July 18, 2011

Week at a glance

We have a full week on tap.

Justin has a big test just around the corner. He has studied like a champ and I am so proud of him.

He can spin the word vicissitude into a sentence with a quickness that will make your head spin. It's quite impressive, really.

We are going to a fancy schmancy dinner with friends at The Carlyle complete with heels and a little black dress.

J would like to note he will not be wearing heels or a little black dress. I know you are relieved.

We will share drinks with a dear Southern friend visiting the city and meet her man for the first time.

We'll bid another friend farewell as she moves to London, celebrating her and missing her fiercely, all in the same breath.

We will attempt to exercise in this muggy weather and when we're done, we'll relish the breeze of a fan and ice cold lemonade in our glass.

We'll buy groceries and cook dinner and if we're lucky, time it just right to watch Wheel of Fortune.

It's going to be a busy week, but we are going to drink it up.

Friday, July 15, 2011

It's finally Friday

Hello One and All.
Anyone else happy to see Friday grace us with it's presence?
I'm off to a spontaneous breakfast date with Mr. Rigoloso and thus the weekending shall begin.
I think there will be muffins involved. And orange juice if I'm feeling crazy.
Hope you like the hydrangeas. They're some of my favs.

Peace out.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

friends + travel + guest posting

Meet my lovely friend Julia.
Here's the crazy thing about us. We went to the same college & knew each other, but really only exchanged the occasional Hi or Hello.
Let me tell you, I'd go back in time and change that in a New York minute.
We reconnected, lo and behold, over the world of blogging and formed an instant bond.
She is a ridiculously talented wife, accountant, photographer, athlete. A lover of fashion, food and antique markets.

Jules + Me last December, bff

College friends reunited, Lance & Julia + J & me

Julia and her husband Lance are currently on an Alaskan cruise. You should feel very sorry for them.
In her absence, Julia asked me to do a guest post for her about traveling.
I happily obliged.

Follow me on over to Julia's amazing blog, Black Tag Diaries, for some travel insights from yours truly.
I think you will love her. I certainly do.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Very Pinteresting

I want to be here

Having a party in the backyard here

Wearing this

Carrying this

Eating this

and this

Off of these

Then, take a nap here

Remembering this

Waking up to these

And then repeat the day all over again. What about you, friends?
What do you find pinteresting these days?

I'll be sharing my pins with the lovely Michelle at The Vintage Apple.

Follow all my pins here if you want.
Happy Wednesday to you. And you.

Lorrach, Germany / Sarah Tucker
Backyard party / Country Living
Green stripe dress / Paula, Kellen Jacob Photography
Bag / Chloé, Saks
Salad / Gluten-free Goddess
Dessert / Craft via TasteSpotting
Plates / DawningLit
Hanging bed / Fresh Nest Design via Lilac Lane Cottage
Quote / Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Flowers / Johnér Bildbyrå AB by Peter Carlsson