Friday, May 27, 2011

Easton Lane

"No matter under what circumstances you leave it, home does not cease to be home." Joseph Brodsky

We made our home on Easton Lane for the first 3 years of our marriage.
It was one of the very last houses we toured and we knew almost instantly that it felt like ours.

We settled into life as newlyweds. Divided up drawer space and closet space.
Took turns sleeping on different sides of the bed 'til we found our spot.

Stood side by side brushing our teeth, thinking things like, Wow, this is really our home.

Our goal was warm & inviting. A place family & friends couldn't wait to get to and didn't want to leave.
I was heavy into a red phase if you can't tell.

One of my favorite spots was the back patio.
We had many a backyard gathering there.
Long fireside chats accompanied by roasted marshmellows.

We survived our first major home disaster as a married couple... a grease fire caused by Yours Truly.
With the help of gracious friends, we renovated & updated until we were back in business.
Never underestimate the power of hot oil & a cast iron skillet.

We bore witness to the first snow our house had ever seen and celebrated every flake.

We played Thanksgiving hosts one year.
I learned the art of my Granny's dumplings and my Nana's dressing.

Thanksgiving feast 2008, pre-kitchen fire

We carefully selected our first Christmas fir. 
I wanted the setting to be perfect like the Christmases of my childhood.
We brought our tree home. Turned on some spirited tunes & started a fire.
It was just as I had imagined.
Except for one thing.
We were sweating.
Winter in the South does not always equate cold weather.
Once the air conditioner was on full blast, we were back to decking the halls.
Special thank you to my accommodating man for donning the antlers. You know you loved them.

Easton Lane was privy to so many other firsts.
First key lime pie I made for my Dad's birthday.
First backyard piƱata with friends.
First time to ride out a tornado in our bathtub.
First time to ring in J's birthday at the stroke of midnight.

Our house on Easton Lane is now officially and legally sold unto another.
Last night we celebrated. Went all out. Painted the town red.
With burgers and drinks and ice cream and a Jimmy Fallon book signing.
The memories we share from that sweet house extend far beyond words and pictures.
It's good to know that home never ceases to be home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The '90s called...

And apparently wanted to remind me of some long forgotten childhood memories...

We'll start with this paperback I am quite certain I bought at my school's book fair.
Making your selections at that annual grand event was no small matter.
I'm glad to see I chose such a timeless, unauthorized piece.

Next up, my first phone.
Friends, you may not understand the enormity of what you see before you.
I wanted my very own phone in my room for what felt like ages... and not just any phone,
mind you, that phone.
Sweet mercy, I loved that thing. And yes, it did light up when it rang, only adding to it's glory.

MC Hammer, Can't Touch This / Amy Grant, Lucky One / Martina McBride, Independence Day /
Hootie & the Blowfish, Let Her Cry

Or cassette singles to those of you born after 1983.
Wikipedia describes these jewels as a music single in the form of a compact cassette.
While accurate, this definition fails to mention the sheer awesomeness that was a cassingle.
Friday nights meant going out to dinner with the family
 and picking out a new cassingle to add to my collection.
Glory days, I tell you.

Quad City DJ's, C'Mon 'N Ride It (The Train) / TLC, Waterfalls / Selena, Dreaming of You /
Tag Team, Whoomp There It Is

All 4 One, I Swear / Deep Blue Something, Breakfast at Tiffany's /
Puff Daddy & Faith Evans, I'll Be Missing You (Tribute to the Notorious B.I.G.)

Cassingles were purchased at Camelot, the music store at our local mall.
I found my Frequent Customer Card inside my ole Dooney Bourke.

Lest you think all I did was jam out to cassingles and talk on my phone,
I'd like to  present other evidence.
I have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. 
 There is still a hint of the soft, powdery smell of those colorful, pastel pages locked safely away.

Lastly, not only was I a frequent flyer at Camelot Music, but also at Surprises Inside
or the Hello Kitty store as I called it.

The '90s may have called, but I'm keeping my cassingles.
And the Dooney.

Monday, May 23, 2011

'round here...

Essie's Chinchilly is on my toes... and I think it may soon be on my fingers.
I rather like it.

Tina Fey has been the source of many a good laugh here at The Rigoloso Abode.
I'd tell you my thoughts on the whole book, but my husband stole it and subsequently finished it before me.

unknown, possibly Lettergirl on Etsy, anyone know for certain?

My last confession is two-fold.

No. 1
I love everything about l e t t e r s.
Writing them. Sending them. Receiving them. Making them look pretty. Buying my fav postage for them.
No. 2
Pinterest. The source of the perfection above.
A lovely & oft times overwhelming place of all manner of things wonderful, hysterical & inspiring.
I'm working on my first board for those of you who may wish to follow along. I'll keep you posted.

What about you?
Any nail polish winning you over at the moment?
Good book you'd like to share?
Thoughts on Pinterest?

Do tell.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

back in the saddle... I think, I hope

Hello friends, bloggers & blog stalkers!

I have missed you!

Life lately has looked and felt a bit like this picture I took accidentally...

I have been in our home state of Alabama for the past three weeks.
Justin was with me for the first four days of the trip, then he had to return to work in NYC.
We survived the Tuscaloosa tornado, but were left heartbroken for the damage done to our city and
our friends.
We were suppose to close on our house, as in sell it to another lovely soul, but had to postpone the closing.
So we wait. A little bit longer.
However, while at home, I did get to celebrate Mother's Day with my own Mama and both my grandmothers.
I also got to say goodbye to my sweet 94-year-old great-grandmother.
She was a beautiful woman, within and without.
Being home to hug her once more, kiss her forehead and whisper I Love You was a gift, although the timing was unexpected.

In lighter news, I went to the coast for the day with my family and soaked up some much needed
vitamin D...

and ate at our fav restaurant.

We prepared for a yard sale. 
I cleaned out my room for 4 days until I ached.
The grand day of the sale came and so did a rain storm you wouldn't believe.
I did find 140 bucks in 10-year-old graduation cards whilst cleaning out my room, so I'd say it wasn't a total bust.
Blogger ate a post I did on dollhouses and then made it reappear just as I began writing this.
Whatev. I guess that's what I get for being gone so long. 
Do you guys even remember me? Hello, my name is Molly and we're friends, remember?

I am now back in the city I love...

with the man I love...

who may or may not have a broken foot.
We shall know sometime in the near future via an MRI.

At least I'm home. And at least he's all mine.
Ace bandage and protective boot and all.

Being apart from your other half ain't no place for the weary kind.

It's good to be back in the saddle, again.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

houses for dolls

When I was little, my Dad made a dollhouse for me.
Complete with wallpaper and the smallest pieces of furniture you ever did see.

When my friend Deanna was in town we visited FAO Schwarz and lo...
they have a whole section dedicated strictly to dollhouses.

This kind lady, employed by FAO, was nothing if not passionate about her job.

I couldn't get over all the options for dollhouses.
Cribs for the nursery, pedestal sinks, clawfoot tubs, marble countertops... seriously?!

The seating also caught my eye.
You have options in leather and leopard lips if that complements your decor.

My favorite? The chandelier and other lighting options.
I am happy to report that the lights are, indeed, functional.
It just so happens they run on a watch batteries or so the kind Dollhouse Lady informed us.

If you are in the market for home furnishings of the dollhouse variety, boy, do I have the place for you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

meet lady lee

lady lee in process
The beautiful Lady Lee celebrated her very first Mother's Day this past week.
She asked me to do a little guest post for her while she falls head over heels in love with her firstborn, Westley.
You can check out my post for Lady Lee, here.
Need more Lady Lee in your life? Go here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

checking in

a gardenia in my parents' backyard, smells the way heaven must

I'm in Alabama.
I have been here for a week and a half.
Justin is in New York.
I will be in Alabama for one more week.
I am loving time with my family, but I am missing my man.
I'll say that again...
I am missing my man.
Why the long trip in Alabama you might ask?
We are selling our house in Tuscaloosa.
Justin, my parents and I were packing up the U-Haul the day of the tornado.
We missed it by 30 minutes.
Didn't even know a storm was coming.
Internet & cable already turned off and cell phone towers down from a particularly windy storm earlier in the day. Talk about timing.
If you are new to the blog or have left a comment for the first time & received no response,
my sincere apologies.
Bare with me if you will.
My internet presence may not be strong this week, but I will be back with much fervor (and replies) soon.

You should smell the gardenia in my parents' backyard.
It's one of my favorite things about coming home.

Friday, May 6, 2011

her shoes

My mother would say that I inherited my love of shoes from her mother, my Nana.
But don't let her fool you. She's got a pretty nice collection, too.
I can remember walking in her high heels when I was little.
I remember the way she'd select what shoes went with what outfit as if it were second nature.
I wondered if I'd ever get to wear heels the way she did, with so much purpose and grace.
And then there were her earrings. She had dangly ones and pearl ones and diamond ones.
But there was one pair in particular that always caught my eye.
Small opals, her birthstone.
I'd admire them, eye-level with her dresser.
"Mama, one day when I have pierced ears, can I wear these?"
"Well, of course you can. One day." She'd say.
I can't tell you how many times I swooned over that response...
One day, I'd get to have my ears pierced like hers.
When I was a bit older I loved to hear her tell the story of her roommates in college piercing each others ears by numbing them with ice and then holding a slice of apple to the back of the lobe and piercing away.
"Mama! You didn't have your ears done like that, did you?!"
I loved that story.
A little time has passed now.
I wore my first pair of heels the very minute I could walk straight in them and I got my ears pierced when I was eleven.

I am greatful for this: I have a mother who always made me feel like a gift, not a burden.
She worked full time outside the home and yet she always had time for me.
My memories with her stretch far beyond shoes and jewelry (although don't underestimate their importance).
She's the one I run to with news, good or bad or happy or sad.
She's the one I talk books with... even ones about vampires.
Although I think I lost her when I said, they're the good vampires... they only eat animals.
She's the one I can talk with until 4am and still have topics untouched.
She's the one who let me walk around in her heels telling me one day I'd have my very own.

She's kind and funny and talented and wise and lovable and smart and elegant and beautiful.
She's been my mama all these years and when I look back, I realize, she's always been my best friend, too.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama.
I'm really thankful to be your daughter.
Thank you for being my friend.
Oh and thank you for letting me wear your shoes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wishing for tunnels

I am so down with that.
If I had secret tunnels to all my friends' houses I could end up in a number of places...
Nashville, TN / Louisville, KY / Birmingham, AL / Graz, Austria / Dothan, AL / Butte, MT
If I appear all of a sudden in your living room, you'll know I either...

figured out the tunnel thing
bought a plane ticket

What about you? Where would your tunnel take you?

Monday, May 2, 2011

a note

my wedding bouquet // photography by Josh Moates of Kim Box

Dear Month of May,

I think you're going to be a good month.
You have big shoes to fill what with April being my celebratory birthmonth and all.
Maybe you have some tricks up your sleeve.
Some surprises to boast in your own timing.
Like 5 years ago on this very day when Mr. Rigoloso asked me to be his Mrs.
Now, that was the best surprise!
Here's a hint: I love surprises.
So if you could find a way of bringing Spring breezes my way, I'd love that.
And maybe some fresh flowers for my table, too.
Oh, and if you want to get crazy I've been dying to try a cupcake from Crumbs Bakery.
(there's one really close to us, just sayin'.)
I see great potential in you, May.
I think you'll be a lovely month, indeed.

Mrs. Rigoloso

ps... This note was, in fact, written to the Month of May, however, if Mr. Rigoloso wanted to aid May in any of her endeavors (read: flowers + cupcakes), I'm sure May would appreciate the help.

Happy May, my friends!
I hope your May is filled with many a happy moment
and possibly flowers and a cupcake or two.