Thursday, March 31, 2011

a b c easy as 1 2 3

My friend Julia recently listed the abc's of herself. I decided to copy... such a high form of flattery.
Enter my time of reflection armed with great expectation of uncovered secrets... and a snack.
Let's begin, shall we?

Currently I am 27. Ask me in a couple days and you'll get a different answer.

bed size
Because of our traveling gig, we currently have a double bed and it works.
But this bed? It's our bed back home. And it's the most wonderful bed in the world.
Dear bed, we miss you.

chore you hate
Sweeping. Not so much the act itself, but trying to get the debris into the pan in its entirity.
And dust clumps? uh, gag

Meet Gracie. In grad school, my bff Sassy and I went shopping in Birmingham one Saturday.
We came home with no new shoes or purse or makeup, but with adoption papers.

essential start to your day
the coffee, not the butternut squash soup

favorite color
that's a tough one. i dig alot of color combos from bright & saturated to light & neutral. just trust me.
gold or silver
yes, please
5'7" ish
instrument you play
in my heart I am a drummer, in real life it's itunes
job title
I started to say I earn a living by my charm & good looks.
Upon second thought, I realized that makes me sound like a Lady of the Night.
So let's go with Jane of All Trades.

love them. this is our godson Herreson. he's quite beautiful, I must say.

in Manhattan

mom's name + dad's too
Lillian Robinson Mitchell. She's the most beautiful woman I know. I want to be like her.
And that's my Dad... Andrew James Mitchell. Strong name, strong man. Holds my heart.

high school: mitchell // college: mols // from my Dad: molly b or doodle // from my Mom: babe
from J: baby or woman (kinda polar opposite, huh?)
overnight hospital stays
we celebrated J's 30th birthday in the hospital. together. same room. stomach bug. happy birthday.
pet peeve
loud eating/ smacking/ ice crunching
quote from a movie
"A hot dog is singing! You need quiet while a hot dog is singing?!"
name that movie & we're instant bff
righty or lefty

only child who avoids stereotypes like the plague, but these women are like sisters to me.
Linds & Sass: they know my junk & love me anyway

time you wake up
totally dependent on the time I go to bed
 this equals amazing 
vegetables you dislike
collards & parsnips do not rank highly
what makes you run late
overcrowded train, repairs on the train, missed train
I'm seeing a pattern
x-rays you've had
I had my tonsils out when I was 4. I'm sure that required an x-ray of the '80s era.

yummy food you make
Entertaining is one of my favorite things to do.
My most prized recipes are the ones handed down through generations,
specifically the ones whose recipe cards are stained from so much use.

zoo animal
perhaps you heard about the missing cobra from the Bronx Zoo?
 Let's just say he's not welcome here. Period.

thanks for going on that journey with me
if you stuck it out to the end, you're a dear

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it takes all kinds

i like going on dates with my man...

when we knew for sure we were moving to New York, there was one particular thing near the top of the
we-so-want-to-do-that list
but honestly? i was kinda holding my breath until last week when it finally happened

we got to spend an evening with funnyman Jimmy Fallon
I must say, going to a taping was one awesome date 
afterwards was quite the surreal experience
we just saw Jimmy,  Justin would say
i know, can you believe it? he'd so be our friend in real life,  I'd say

we watched families skate at rockefeller & enjoyed a fresh brew as the first snow
of the Spring fell mischievously outside

however,lest you think we're all haughty over here
you should know some nights we have pancakes for dinner

and one of J's favs for dessert
apples with his own special creation of melted nutella + peanut butter

when we're not palling around with Jimmy, you might find that alot of our dates look like this:
netflix & snacks in bed... that'd be ranch pretzels, a lemonade for J, a sprite zero for me
and always... a York peppermint patty frozen to perfection

i love them both: the big, grand evenings out & the simple, cozy nights in...
it takes all kinds, my friends

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a game we play

try not to be envious of our nose rings, our adorable pup or our youthful glow

My bff Sassy and I started playing this game together in college. I cannot remember the exact day or the specific origin, but it went a little something like this...

Sassy (aka Allison): Mols, what song do have in your head right now?
Mols (aka yours truly): pause... Umm... it's actually Come Thou Fount (a traditional hymn for those of you not familiar)
Sassy: Oh...
Mols: Why? What song do you have in your head right now?
Sassy: Oh... Umm...well... it's uh... Baby Got Back

Chicago trip 2006

It became A Thing. A game of sorts. Now, you must understand Sassy and I share a love of music across a wide spectrum. We share a propensity toward lesser known artists all the way to being hardcore Dave fans (don't mess with us, we are old-generation-Dave, thankyouverymuch).

However, I did develop a pattern for having a worship song in my head on the occasions Sass would be inclined toward old school rap... and then sometimes the tables would turn & I'd be feeling some Outkast while Sass was into a rendering of How Great Thou Art.

The Game continues today via text, mostly. And it's also worked it's way into my marriage.

You should try it sometime. With your friend. With a coworker. With your respective other. The answers can prove quite hilarious.

Here... I'll leave you with this...

Me: Hey J, what song's in your head right now?
J: Christmas Shoes
Me: Oh nice!
J: What about you?
Me: Gangsters Paradise

totally unrelated pic, just cause i dig this guy & it's my blog

Your turn. What song's in your head?

Friday, March 25, 2011


I couldn't agree more. I'm late to the party in finding e tells tales blog, but this is a case of  better late than never.

I found myself silently agreeing, nodding my head up and down as I read, laughing out loud & wishing I knew this woman in real life.

She's a crafter, a teacher, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a friend & a super-cute-mama-to-be.

She has this to say about commenting on blogs...

A part of me feels this way: if you took the time to read a post, you should say something. Anything.Whoever wrote it wants to feel heard, and how else will they know?

I heartily agree that living your life will greatly inspire your work. And for me, that includes this little blog o' mine. If my only goal is to get comments or gain popularity, then my writing will become superficial & stale real fast.

However, I can be vulnerable enough to say that I love your comments. Whether you are my Mama, my friend, my cousin, a fellow blogger, a friend of a friend or a stranger. It is nice to know your voice is heard.

So to those of you who comment often & freely, thank you, for reals. And to those of you in the stalker's closet, how will I ever meet you if I don't know who you are? Maybe you prefer it that way and if so, that's fine. But if you are wavering, sitting on the fence so to speak, come on out.

I'd be happy to make your acquaintance.

this is me, being happy to make your acquaintance

When you get a chance, visit Elizabeth at e tells tales or her etsy shop iviemade.
So beautiful, you'll not be disappointed. Promise.

Monday, March 21, 2011

14 years & versatility

Meet my friend Deanna.
We've been friends for 14 years. 
Admitting that makes me feel kinda old...
Last week she came for a visit & we were so happy to have her!

Signs of Spring are beginning to show themselves even if it is still chilly

We explored Bleeker Street & found an awesome local bookstore
I wondered why this book caught my eye...
Deanna reminded it's the book in Serendipity...
the one John Cusack searches for in every bookstore in NYC in a desperate attempt
 to find Kate Beckinsale's number
I'm not gonna lie I am kicking myself for not buying it

We stumbled upon a crazy cool record store... love the disco

We introduced Deanna to The Campbell Apartment

Hung out at Grand & Times Square

We happened to see a movie being shot that includes a New Years 2012 celebration
hence the confetti & extras wearing New Years Eve 2012 hats
It was kinda like experiencing the real thing minus the insane number of people & Ryan Seacrest
Oh... and the movie stars Lea Michele & Ashton Kutcher

I see these sweet yellow phones every time we are in Grand Central
they always succeed in making me smile

Reservations for Serendipity were a must

We rode the Roosevelt Island Tram to get some awesome views of the city

Deanna wanted some cool pics...

my main squeeze & yours truly

I'd say we accomplished her mission

We danced it up

Said hello to Central Park

Ordered some takeout & had a laid-back night

Attended the St Paddy's Day Parade on 5th Ave
the Grand Marshall was Mary Higgins Clark

Followed up the parade at a local Irish pub
J got a lil souvenir for me... thanks, man

a shot of our neighborhood

We went out with a bang on Deanna's last night in town.
Jersey Boys was fantastic.
 I wished for my Dad the whole time. He loves some good music... I get it honest.
D, thanks for spending your break with us! You are one awesome friend. Here's to 14 more years.

I got this cool award from my friend Julia.

Versatile: embracing a variety of subjects, fields or skills; turning with ease from one thing to another.

I dig that. Thanks, Julia. Upon receiving said award, you are suppose to share 7 unknown things about yourself & then pass the kindness along to others. So here goes...

1 I love tidiness... a place for everything & everything in it's place makes me happy.
2 I sleep with 2 pillows.
3I'm an only child, but desperately want to avoid the stereotypes.
4 I love to celebrate... anytime, anywhere.
5 I went camping every summer during my childhood & I miss it greatly.
6 I love to write letters... stationery makes me swoon.
7 I'm looking forward to Spring... a certain someone you know has a birthday coming up...

Drumroll, please... The Versatile Blogger Award is hereby passed onto...

CarolynVal │Shana │Lynn │Leslie 

check out these ladies... they're some of my favs

Monday, March 14, 2011


   Most of the time the words just come. They come from deep down. They come from the very surface. Or from an experience. They come from my own faltering, see my back popping experience. Or from something funny overheard or more than likely spoken by my man.

   I use this space to get those words out, to play around with them, to coax out the real meaning behind what I may be feeling or simply to tell you what we've been up to lately.

   I could tell you a tale about my husband getting stuck on the Sabbath elevator when he was on the 14th floor of the hospital trying to get to the 1st floor in a ferocious hurry... which meant his hurry came to a complete halt as the elevator stopped on every floor on the way down.

   Or I could tell you about a conversation I overheard on the subway this week in which one girl tells another: I was trying to find the Ugg store the other day, but I stumbled upon a tattoo shop first. Now there's a real dilemma if I've ever heard one... buy that new pair of Uggs or get that new tatt? ... decisions, decisions...

   I could tell you about celebrating my Granny's birthday or about my Nana telling me she's glad I didn't come home with a 'northern brogue' during my recent visit... or maybe about the fact that she was baking some cinnamon rolls for my homecoming, but grabbed the paprika instead of the cinnamon.

   I could tell you about reconnecting with my high school bestie Jessica. And getting to see her as the very first hint of her first sweet pea begins to show and how happy I am for her that she is bringing a life into this world.

   I could tell you how much I love New York. But how I miss my family & my friends so much sometimes it hurts.
   I could tell you that I love my man more than I ever knew it possible to love someone and at the same time, marriage is one of the hardest things I've ever done. It's amazing. I wouldn't trade it or him for anything. Really. Not anything. But it's still hard. Good & hard all at the same time.

the marital bliss candy bar

   I could tell you that I'm watching something really educational right now, like something on PBS perhaps. But really it's The Bachelor finale. Who will he choose? Sherri? Or Rhonda?

   I could tell you about Justin's sister's first visit to NYC and what a blast we had. One of my favorite memories was actually stumbling upon a family-owned bakery that's been around for generations. Their offerings will make you drool. That same night we also found a cool antique shop/thrift store where Jess picked up an awesome old book on human peculiarities. We devoured the treats from the bakery & then Jess read to us from the book.

But what I really want to tell you is this...

   I want this blog to be a little something more. A dialogue rather than a monologue. Blogging is an interesting medium. You put yourself out there. You make yourself vulnerable. You write all these words. And while sometimes the act of simply writing them is enough, sometimes you need more. You need the voice of another person. A friend. A stranger. A blogger pal. Someone to say, Yes I agree. Me too. Or... I've never felt that way, but I've felt like this.

   Words can be a beautiful thing. Personally, they are one of my favorite ways to communicate. The written word. Quite powerful. We can use words to build up & encourage or to tear down & destroy. I'd like for us to steer clear of the latter if it's all the same to you, but otherwise, it's fair game.

   So what do you say? I'd love to hear from you. Not just this time around but next time, too. Tell me about you. Have you ever gotten on a Sabbath elevator? Do you have a phobia of elevators in general? Have you ever been faced with the decision: Uggs or tattoo, tattoo or Uggs?

or maybe cupcakes? Uggs, tattoos or cupcakes?

Consider this an invitation. To share your words. To tell me about you.

Talk to me.