Monday, January 31, 2011

outside my window , down my street & inside my cup

the view outside our window after the most recent snow storm

a fire escape looking pretty decorated in snow

the view from a park just down the street from us

something struck me as familiar about this picture...

perhaps it reminds me of a warmer time in Cali

here's another shot of the park...
please notice the basketball game going on despite the 28 degrees & snow-covered ground...
those are some dedicated ballers

back at the ranch a little of this...

and a little of that...

made a nice, warm treat inside my cup!

How did you spend your day?
Coming soon... details on the opera.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's a date

   Justin has always said he would like to go to an opera... Rigoletto in particular. I'm not sure where this desire came from... perhaps it's the similar Italian names? One day last week I told J I had a surprise for him and handed him a napkin from Junior's (best cheesecake ever) with some twine tied around it.

He said yes.
We are going to our first opera.
In a blizzard.
I'll be back with a report.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

choosing what matters most

    J & I have had alot of big moments lately. Perhaps a good bit of that could be accredited to this very big city in which we are living. Seeing the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, for instance, was big... both the moment and the actual tree. While I love those big moments, there's something to be said for the little things, too.

like a painting from our nearly two-year-old godson Herreson

or my favorite dish soap, kitchen towels & anthro bowls

my apron from my bff Sassy

vintage tablecloth my Dad bought for me at a California antique shop

making things with what you have

favorite stamps hands-down

SweeTarts conversation hearts
{that were neither sweet nor tart, but instead very stale... instant table decor}

this may be my fav

a new-to-us {read: free} bench perfect for our mudroom

and then this beauty... the inside of our church here in the city

   So the big moments? I love them. Take advantage of them. Embrace & capture them. The little things? The majority of those things pictured above travel around with us from place to place making each new city feel familiar... like home should feel.
    What really matters the most, though? Our pastor has been speaking on making choices & choosing the things that matter the most. His charge to us has left me affected, marking my heart in a way that can't be quickly shaken. How can I put those words into action? What does it mean to choose what matters most in the average day?  Here are some of my own resolutions...

Placing my hope in Christ
knowing I will be deeply saddened & disappointed if I put my hope in anyone or anything else
Loving my husband
spending quality time with him, seeking ways to meet his needs, not looking for ways to meet my own
Being a good steward
of my time, of my resources, of my health
Counting others
as more important than myself

   When given an opportunity to choose, I want to choose the thing that matters most... and to know there's freedom to enjoy the big moments of life as well as the little things... even if the SweeTarts weren't really sweet or tart after all.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a grand ole time

One of the cool things about moving to New York has been reconnecting with my grad school
friend Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth & her man Tim made brunch reservations for us to welcome us into the city.
Tim is a native of England. His accent rocks.

Brunch took place at Stanton Social on the Lower East Side.

swanky & beautiful

To quote The Stanton Social menu...
Rather than offering individual starters and main courses, The Stanton Social serves dishes that are designed for sharing among friends and are brought to the table steadily and continuously throughout the meal.

We thank you, Stanton Social, for one ahmazing meal.
Thank you very, very much.

we started with warm doughnuts & caramel dipping sauce

huevos rancheros soft tacos

grilled apple & brie quesadillas with smoked bacon

french onion soup dumplings

spicy lamb souvlakis

mac & cheese with chorizo & ovendried tomatoes

SB is my hero for introducing us to this lovely place. We'll be back for sure.

Up next...

J & I took the Staten Island Ferry

we said hello to Lady Liberty

Justin looks like he's in pain & I would have put my whole head in my hat if I could have...
we were experiencing a wind chill of  9 in case you were wondering

loved this sign

we decided we needed nourishment... we had just survived that wind chill, after all

delicious pretzel snack!
wish you could see my feet... they were covered in snow

the view of our new city from the ferry ride back

quite the beauty

This is Ground Zero.
The picture does not do this place justice. To go from building after building so tightly packed together it's like a puzzle to this vast open space where two buildings once were...
I'm telling you it was somber and solemn and breathtaking all at once.

the Wall Street charging bull

I met up with Sarah Beth one evening for drinks at The Campbell Apartment

The interior of this place was amazing. I fell in love with this spindled armoire.

NYmag describes The Campbell Apartment like this...
Tucked away in Grand Central Station, this classy lounge is the restored private office of
early twentieth-century tycoon John W. Campbell... sip your Scotch while you pretend you’re in a Hemingway novel.

I skipped the Scotch, but the candied apple martini was oh so good indeed.

Grand Central Station is aptly named, I must say.
It was amazing to be among the hustle & bustle as the commuters
ran swiftly by to catch their train.

I think you and I've become fast friends, New York.