Friday, December 9, 2011

'round here

My beautiful and oh so talented friend Candis and I have been collaborating on a little blog facelift for yours truly... complete with a new blog name and all.
I am so excited, y'all.
When the new 'do is complete, you and I are gonna celebraaaate!
So get your partypants ready, friends.

All of our Christmas cards have been mailed.
And it's a good thing, too...

Because these cute folks of mine arrived in NYC on Wednesday!
We're off to shop holiday markets and drink swazzle and be merry.

Happy weekend, friends!
Make it a merry one.


  1. i can't wait to see your new blog design! and i am super pumped that i got my card hand delivered :)

  2. Oh my, your parents are so cute. And you in that last picture is darling. Darling I say!

    Are they staying all the way to Christmas? Or are you guys going back with them?

    p.s. Your Christmas card will be in the mail by tomorrow!

  3. Im excited to see your new blog. I am sure it will be wonderful. I got your Christmas card in the mail the other day. Love! I asked your dad at church this past sunday if they could put me in their luggage and take me with them to NY. I hope you have a great time visiting with your sweet parents. I love you and miss you much!!!

  4. Oooooo I can't wait to see the new look/ name.

    Have FUN with your parents.

  5. You are so pretty!

    Have fun with mom and dad. Can't wait to see the new blog design :)


    Waaaaaah. I miss you.

  6. I love that picture of us. So glad your parents are there to celebrate with you!! Mich mich mich.

  7. Hi Molly Mitchell...Rigoloso. :) Got the Christmas card and loved it! ;) Tell your folks hello and give them a Christmas hug for me! Love yall!


  8. Your parents are so cute! Have a great time with them!

  9. cheers to swazzle!
    ps can't wait for you to debut the new look

  10. hooray, hooray, hooray. glad the stragglers finally got your their addresses. ahem...

  11. Can't wait for the debut!! I'll be waiting eagerly til it's revealed!

    And a merry weekend wish to you too! :)

  12. Yay for parents, swazzle and Christmas cards! I can't wait to see the new blood and I am dying with anticipation about the new name.

  13. A new name.... I know it will be fantastic! Can not wait! Love you friend. So glad the folks are in town for a few... Have tons of fun!

  14. I'm so happy your parents are there! And your Christmas card was bee-yoo-ti-ful. I recognized your handwriting on the envelope and got excited.

  15. such a hottie, red lips and all!

    my xmas cards havent even gotten HERE yet. i'm going to be a madwoman, addressing them all the moment they get here.


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