Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'round here // edition my brain is only working in lists

I'm baaaack, blogworld! We so loved having my parents in the city with us to experience all the magic that is Manhattan at Christmas. I thought I'd give you a little list of things dancing around in my head to tide you over a bit while I edit some fifty'leven pics to share with you. Plus my brain is only operating in List Mode these days, so a list it will be. Sound good? Let's do it.

No. 1 I have missed you guys! Being away from the blog and the twitter is nice once and a while, but I am happy to be here talking it up with you all again.

No. 2 Speaking of twitter...Twitter is like texting all your blogfriends that you would text if they were your real life friends. And then some of them even become your real life friends and the lines get blurry, but I digress. Back to twitter. I was so skeptical and all why do I need to know if you are going to the bathroom at Starbucks at 4:09pm? And then this lady talked me into joining and I've never looked back. If you are on the fence, just do it and then tweet me when you go to the bathroom at Starbucks.

No. 3 We won a turkey. It's a long story, but here's the evidence. All 15 pounds of it.

No. 4 My mom being in town means J got a much needed haircut. I make an okay substitute, but she's the real haircutter for the men in the family.

No. 5 My mom and dad being in town also means fried cornbread and deviled eggs. To accompany the free turkey, obvi. South Alabama food at it's finest.

No. 6 Vintage Christmas lives on. I have a garland on my little tree. My dad and I made it out of cranberries and oranges. I love it so.

No. 7 Christmas cards have started filling our mailbox making me a giddy mess. They have taken up residence in our entry so I can see all the merriment and glad tidings on my way to and fro.

No. 8 I found this purse moonlighting as a camera bag and I am officially in love. You can find it here. Ahem, Christmas hint.

No. 9 I'm still working on some Christmas gift creativity. And if I make a success of it, I will definitely show you the fruits of my labor. If it's a bust, just pretend I never said anything.

No. 10 Speaking of fruit, I promise not to leave you hanging with anymore posts about pineapples for a while.

No. 11 I'm going to hang with this friend tonight. She's one of my blog friends turned real life friend and now she's on the twitter train, too. I think there will be baking and wine drinking invlolved.

No. 12 I hope we're still friends, blogworld. I like you too much to quit you. Plus, you've given me some pretty legit friends out of this deal. Ones that email you after they put their kids to bed and make you cry a million happy tears and make wish you could reach out and hug'em. Thanks for that.

yours truly


  1. i made the list! baking and wine drinking will commence later tonight - can't wait!

  2. I am glad you are back. I always love reading your blog. Its one of the first sites i hit for the day.

    I just got me an oh so amazing camera bag from the great Kelly Moore. Check her out molly. I'm sure you will love them!

  3. I love holiday lists, and yours made me smile. I'm so glad you had such a fun visit with your family. I am loving the idea of a camera bag purse, too.

  4. Love that purse/camera bag! And your cranberry orange garland is so perfect. And vintage. Hope you and Colleen have fun tonight! :)

  5. Okay, I'm going to put my kids to bed and then I'll be at Colleen's by 8 at the latest.I'll bring homemade whipped cream. Done.

  6. sherri lynn - wish you could join us!

    erin - yes! i love homemade whipped cream!

  7. love, love, love that your momma cuts J's hair.

  8. Mentally adding fifty'leven to my word bank.

    And yes, people get on twitter.

  9. I LOVE lists, especially this one. Fried cornbread? You hit my southern obsession with that one. Yay for tweeting about bathroom breaks, or anything else that pops in your head. I do love stalking you on twitter!

  10. Yay! You're back! And you just introduced me to fried cornbread which I must look into immediately.

  11. WhitMc + laurenjeanallece- I think I feel a post coming up about the delicacy that is fried cornbread. Yes?

    Erin + sherri lynn- We will eat some baked goodness in your honor.

    E- Such a good word. But I have to give cred where cred is due, right? So it's either Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz or Usher. Both use fifty'leven very well. :)

  12. yay! yay! yay! you got our card! jb & i discussed possible having the wrong zip code. so happy it arrived safely!

    p.s. love the vintage tree. it's fab.

  13. i've missed you. 1. your mom is adorable. 2. you won a turkey? that is insane.. and awesome. 3. i like lists, too. :)

  14. Courtney- There was some weird zip code confusion around here for a while. But! Your card was one of the first to arrive and made me so very happy to see your beatiful self and that sweet little miss of yours!

    wishful nals- Your comments always brighten my day. Thank you for that. 1. I think she is super adorable and I'm glad you do, too! 2. Of all things to win... we win a turkey. 3. I knew we were kindred list makers. :)

  15. i seriously like me some corn bread in it's normal form. fried?! i'd die. slap someone. you know.

    and your mama looks like just about the sweetest person ever.

  16. Bridget- I will make you some the next time we are together. And then I will move quickly to the side so you won't slap me. Because you will want to. Promise. My mama is the sweetest person I know. She's also one of the funniest. You'd love her.


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