Thursday, December 15, 2011

party of four

Last night, I put on a fancy dress from asos, stained my lips red, threw on my cowgirl boots
and grabbed a cab heading south to Colleen's for a little Christmas partay.

Colleen and her pal Tina posing with one of the many delicacies of the evening...
Colleen's chocolate pecan pie. Ohmyworditwasdamngood.

We minded our manners and had dinner first.

And then we got down to business with dessert. And wine, of course.
Tina made gingerbread with real whipped cream with a citrusy twist.
I could have slapped somebody.

Colleen and I wished for some of our blogger buddies to be with us. One day we'll have one big party.
Here's looking at you, kid.

One of each, thankyouverymuch.

Party of four.
The striking redhead on the far left? That's Tina. She works for Tory Burch.
And guess what she brought with her in addition to that yummy gingerbread?
One-of-a-kind Tory scarves for all.
Once we finally picked our jaws up off the floor, we managed a group pic with our lovely gifts.

My beautiful navy leopard Tory. I couldn't have picked out a better one.
Thank you, Tina!

I stopped by J's work to see him on my way home from my big night.
The plate of goodies the girls sent with me lasted oh about five minutes.

Oh well. 'Tis the season for sharing.
And Tory Burch scarf wearing.


  1. You girls are so cute it's ridiculous! Dammit I want to have a blogger party! I need to send up a flare to my nearby bloggers.

  2. ahhh you wrote this post so well. such a fun and awesome night, and so glad you could come! i also enjoy you describing tina's dessert as you'd have to slap somebody. duly noted to use this in the future.

  3. This party looks like so much fun! I want some of that chocolate pecan pie! Oh and a Tory Burch scarf please.

  4. oh my goodness. colleen, tina, tory scarfes, that pie, and gingerbread, and the red christmas ornament tree adorned with lights. it is all too much. ah-mazing!

  5. your goldish-pleated dress! love!

  6. So fun!! I like how this was intimate.

    I need to do something Ike this. For reals!

  7. jealous of the following:

    girls night.

    one of a kind scarf gift.

    the big ole piece of pizza.

    homemade pie dessert.

    your dress.


  8. Can I just agree with the crowd, looove the dress! You look great, girl :)

  9. I was going to comment with yummy noises and woe-is-me because I wish I was there too...

    but o.m.g. Tory Burch scarves for all? I love it. Gorgeous.

    What a fun and fabulous night.

  10. So cute! Wish I had been there a hundred times over. I would have brought fleur de sel caramels and homemade marshmallows.

    The pie and pizza are almost more than I can take.


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