Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Old Flat Top

What would you say if I told you Justin and I found this gem of a vintage camper in the East village,
we just couldn't help ourselves and now we are the proud new owners?

You would say, Molly, you are lying.
And I would say, Busted.

I grew up going camping with my grandparents and I loved it.
I think Old Flat Top would have made a nice addition to the Rigo family.
I could've decorated the mess out of that old fella.

Next Christmas, we might just show up on your doorstep a la National Lampoon's style.


  1. When I was around 16 i had a casual dream of owning an airstream, really just a thought i had.

    Also love the christmas vacation reference.

  2. SHUT UP!!! i think it's awesome! How much fun would it be to decorate that bad boy up!?!?!!!

  3. I used to think rving was LAME. Now I have a dream of going cross country with the family. I just expanded my dream to include vintage camper!!

  4. love camping but for me it has to be in a tent... maybe a tent trailer would do but you have to be able to hear all of those outside sounds!

  5. love, love, love it. and I totally want an RV. Let's go rv-ing together.

  6. I would say (a) so freakin' jealous, and (b) cannot WAIT for you to arrive at my doorstep!

    I really want a Vanagon (sp?) camper.

  7. Ya'll would totally fit in cruisin' that beast through Oregon - I say come on out!

    1. she can be yours for $6000 call ron 917 284-5678 she runs like a scalded dog

    2. she can be yours for $6000 call ron 917 284-5678 she runs like a scalded dog


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